10 Things I Learned From Screening Love Is Strange

1. The last time I saw John Lithgow acting he played a serial murderer in Dexter, loved seeing him as one-half of a couple in a nearly 40 year relationship.

2. Alfred Molina portrayed the other half of the couple. Spoiler alert: his character has been faithful in the relationship, Lithgow's character has not been.

3. I know Marisa Tomei has a body of work before and after My Cousin Vinnie but for me,that is her seminal role.

4. The Catholic Church is homophobic, it appears it is okay to be gay and teach in a Catholic school, but ironically you can't get married.

5. Chopin's music figures prominently and beautifully in the soundtrack.

6. Best line of the movie, uttered by Molina's character:

Life has its obstacles, but I've learned early on that they will always be lessened if faced with honesty

7. Independent films are alive and well.

8. Morality clauses exist in contracts and are enforced.

9. Some folks would rather live apart in a bunk bed in New York than together in the suburbs in Poughkeepsie.

10. There are lots of relationships in this film and unanswered questions. I am fine with that.