11 Quintessential Items To Grill From Around the U.S.

Some gr-illustrational inspiration

Fire up those grills, because barbecue season is here! But to truly satiate (and impress) your hungry guests, it’s time to go beyond those hamburger patties and hot dogs. While the standard fare is all well and good to be gobbled up at picnics year after year, more culinary-minded grill masters are always looking for some new inspiration to heat up and smoke out. And thankfully, one doesn’t have to venture too far—homegrown recipes across the United States offer a buffet of options!

Now you can delight everyone’s taste buds during your next cookout with fresh new eats inspired by regional favorites. We partnered with Kingsford to ask top pit masters and grill professionals across the country about their picks for best local tastes. From stews to sandwiches to sauces, different flavors with local twists make summertime grilling all the more fun!

Ready to kick your grill-skill up a notch? Or just looking to try something new? There’s plenty of inspiration from around the country to help you get your grill on. And if you want to make sure to keep your grill on, Kingsford Long-Burning Charcoal Briquettes are 25% longer than regular briquettes, providing that unique charcoal flavor with less annoying ash. The heat is on, my friends!