15 Mompreneurs Growing Dynamic Businesses and Proudly Serving Local Businesses and Community

15 Mompreneurs Growing Dynamic Businesses and Proudly Serving Local Businesses and Community
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Being a business owner and serving the local community is time intensive, yet rewarding.

Couple that with being a mother and we have a term called ‘a mompreneur’. According to Oxford dictionaries, a mompreneur is “a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children.”

But how do they do it? Motherhood is no cake walk and is very time consuming. Yet, women all across the globe are successful at being mompreneurs and loving their passion in business and serving their families.

Having been a mompreneur myself since 2011 and being the owner of not one, but two businesses, I know first hand that it takes discipline, often a lack of sleep and a serious commitment to getting things done.

In this post you are going to learn about 15 mompreneurs, all of which are college graduates, that are growing dynamic businesses and proudly serving their local community in the process.

Despite busy schedules, meetings via Skype and soccer practice pick-ups, these 15 women are intentionally pursuing their business dreams while being the moms they want to be.

Jamie Larson

Honoring and serving others can be ignited by difficult experiences

First, Jamie launched Jamie Larson Photography eight years ago in 2008. Her other business, The Snap Society which is about empowering female photographers to create a profitable business, launched two years ago in 2014. Jamie completed her degree in Communication and a minor in Psychology from Bethel University.

There is a very personal and raw component to Jamie’s love of photography. Having her father pass away of cancer when she was two, left Jamie spending hours going through a box of family pictures as a little girl and feeling disappointment. She continued to thumb through the box of pictures, hoping to find more photos of family memories but there were very few. Her heart sunk every time. To this day, she is passionate about capturing families, because she knows first hand how short life can be and that we as a society need to make the most of everyday.

Having a business has helped Jamie be a better mother in a very unexpected way.


When people think of a mother, often times, they think of the words such as loving, nurturing and encouraging. All that came naturally for Jamie. However, what she never realized was that being a good mother, was also about being a good leader and leading her children well. The things that Jamie has learned in her business she is able to incorporate into her family too.

“Mothers are the ultimate leaders; We have the opportunity to shape and impact lives every single day.”, says Jamie.

One of the ways Jamie serves her community is by taking pictures of families who have a family member with cancer. Some families have had Jamie take pictures once their loved ones are in remission, but for many families, they have her come when they know the cancer is not going away.

Although Jamie is honored to do this for these families knowing that this may end up being their last family picture together, she’s humbled to do it and finds it to be one of the most important things she does in her work.

Daveia Odoi

Persistence is a key to success; Be willing to not give up

Daveia Odoi is a branding & business strategist of DNT Dynamite Design, LLC. As the CEO, Daveia launched eight years ago in March 2008 part-time and then transitioned into her business full-time, with no other sources of income, in October 2015.

Daveia attended Rutgers University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology & Informatics and later attended Kean University earning a M.S. in Graphic Communications Technology Management.
One of the original inspirations for Daveia to start her design company was a natural progression. Having always loved helping individuals and businesses with their visual branding needs, she realized this was a viable path and she went for it.
Having her own business and being a mother really came together during the fall of 2015 when she stepped away from her full time corporate job in order to be more present for her son that is currently four years old.
If she didn’t have the business in place, she’s not sure how else she would’ve been able to stay home with him and witness these precious years.
Through her business, Daveia has been able to partake in various community events and charitable organizing. Most recently, she was able to (and still does) raise funds through her company’s sub brand to contribute to the medical bills and research surrounding a cancer diagnosis of a beloved community member.
It’s little things like being able to make decisions in her business to help others that just makes Daveia that much more blessed to be a mompreneur living a dream.

Julie Schmitz

Make money doing something that serves your family well

Julie Schmitz is the founder and owner of Family Fun in Omaha. She launched Family Fun in Omaha over three years ago in March 2013. Julie pressed on to develop a company that she’s fully invested in regarding her time and her passions. Omaha, Nebraska is full of family-friendly things to do, with special events going on almost every weekend, and many of them are free. Julie wanted to create a website to help make it easier for families to find fun things to do and create memories together, while also helping local businesses spread the word about their events and activities. Thus, Family Fun in Omaha was created after she received her degree from Creighton University, B.S. Education in Elementary Education.
Ever since her kids were little, she have always enjoyed going on adventures exploring a new park, family festival, special exhibit, or unique event. Through working on the website, she has discovered many new events and activities that she and her family love exploring together.
Julie especially loves when she hears how her website has helped a new local business have a large turnout at an event, or how a reader discovered fun events to do with their family.

Cathy Hackl

When opportunity knocks, be ready and willing

Cathy Hackl is the CEO & Founder of Cathy Hackl Consulting & Latino Strategy, and is also Hispanic Marketing Evangelist for Boom! Social Marketing.

The power of social media is what comes to mind in Cathy’s journey. Cathy obtained a Masters of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Master of Science in Mass Communication from Florida International University, as well as her Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Texas.

It was February 2015 when Cathy quit her job in internal communications at a local hospital to dive fully into the world of social media in May 2015. The launch of Periscope in March 2015 catapulted this “accidental” drive to be an mompeneur when she recognized the potential that live video had for brands and businesses. Originally, Cathy thought she was going to work for “The Man”, but now she knows she loves working for “The Woman” and that woman is her.

One of the original inspirations for Cathy to launch her company was her love for television and social media. She was inspired by seeing all the amazing woman who live a fulfilled life at their own pace, make money for their families and can still take their children to dance and soccer. It’s not about “having it all” says Cathy, it’s about finding joy in how you live your life. Everyone’s path is different.

Hers right now is that of a work at home mom (WAHM) who travels every couple of weeks. Cathy is even more motivated now that she gave birth to her third baby recently in June 2016.

Serving her community is a passion that Cathy is hungry for more than ever, and we’re not talking about food here, people. The virtual reality world is a key focus in Cathy’s career and she’s very excited about her children’s future because of VR/AR technologies. “The VR/AR will help create more empathy and awareness in the world and it can be used for social good. Hence, why she’s participating in the creation of the #HELPERASE Child Trafficking VR documentary”, says Cathy.

Being bilingual has served Cathy very well in her career. When someone in the Spanish-speaking entrepreneurial business reaches out thanking her profusely for providing training and content in Spanish, she feels like she’s accomplishing her mission. She’s on a mission to serve the ever-growing U.S. Latino and Latin American entrepreneurial community by providing them with education, insight and advice on how to use social media tools and technology to grow and get more sales.

Alyson Porter

Solve a problem and provide a solution

Alyson Porter is the CEO/Founder of Kinder Keepsakes, LLC and a product business coach. Alyson launched Kinder Keepsakes in 2009 and her product and business coaching spring 2016.

After completing an Associates degree and getting a Bachelor’s from Brigham Young University, Alyson literally began her career by accident. Actually, you could say she had a pain point and she simply solved that problem.

She and her husband were graduating from college and they wanted their daughter to be dressed up with them but they couldn’t find a cap and gown small enough to fit their three- month old little girl.

So she decided to make one herself to solve that problem and then she launched it into a business. Learning how to run her product business has been full of experiences and valuable lessons, several of which were quite expensive.

Alyson therefore wants to help other women who are wanting to grow their product businesses beyond just themselves by growing a team around them. Plus she enjoys helping them to avoid some of the mistakes she’s made and realizing that it is so important to not give up and keep pressing forward. Especially, when you really want to quit.

Having four kids under the age of eight definitely leaves Alyson experiencing mom guilt sometimes, but she has learned she’s a much better mom when she is able to fulfill her passion of entrepreneurship right alongside being a mom. She’s also always teaching her kids the most valuable lesson that if you follow your dreams, work hard and have focus and perseverance you can accomplish great things and make the world a better place.

Since Alyson was a NICU baby herself, ten percent of all purchases from the Kinder Keepsakes store goes towards this “NICU GRAD Project “fund.” When a purchase is made on ANY products from her store, you are in-turn blessing a baby and family in the NICU. Each family will receive a Cap & Gown with a tassel of a “NICU GRAD” charm and a special diploma with a place for picture etc. Families go through so much when they have a baby in the NICU. When they finally are able to go home, Alyson knows it is a very big day and it should be celebrated!

It is the beginning of the rest of the their lives.

Concita Thomas

Personal accomplishments can be great fuel for success in business

Concita Thomas, a food & fitness strategist, has a company called Great Shape Fit Club. For her undergraduate, Concita attended Brown University, where she earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Biomechanics. She also earned an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Oakland University. After years of studying and working as an engineer, she realized that her passion was actually helping women with their fitness needs.
Concita has been in business for almost ten years, launching her company in October 2006. The services that she provides have changed over the years, but she is grateful to still be making a difference for women working on their fitness and weight management.
Concita was inspired to work in the fitness industry after succeeding with her own weight loss. After working in a few of the top chain gyms, she started her own company to gain the autonomy to provide her clients with customized solutions. In short, she wanted to be able to give her clients exactly what they needed without being obligated to push services and products that they didn’t.
Being a mompreneur gives Concita a perfect opportunity to model the work hard- play hard lifestyle that she wants to pass on to her children. They get a behind the scenes view of what prioritization, persistence, resilience, and commitment look like in everyday life. They get to learn that hanging out with her in the middle of the day, taking great vacations, and having her present at their school events go hand in hand with the long hours, late nights and early mornings.
While winning business is quite rewarding, Concita is most fulfilled by her clients’ success. Recently, she helped a local business owner surprise her own doctor with her tremendous weight loss success after having been stuck at the same weight for close to a decade. Helping women get unstuck and knowing that she is making a difference every single day is what drives her to continue.
Stephanie White

Stephanie White

Create a lifestyle that works for your family

Stephanie White, also known as the Chief Fun Finder of Louisville Family Fun, LLC, has enjoyed the evolving journey of being a mompreneur. Stephanie started Louisville Family Fun towards the end of 2009 out of a need of her own. She needed the ability to find things to do with her young children without investing all of the time to research it. Parents are busy and distracted so she found a niche where she could create something that helped her but also helped a lot of other families in the community near Louisville, Kentucky.
Stephanie went to Wake Forest University for her undergraduate degree and finished with a B.S. in Mathematics and later went to the University of Texas at Dallas for a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs.
Owning her own business has given Stephanie the financial freedom to work when and where she wants to work which has opened up her schedule. When her kids have an interest, she doesn’t have to worry about it working out. She can work her schedule to fit the needs of her family. The satisfaction that this brings to Stephanie makes her content knowing she can do that for them.
When asked about some successes she has had in her business Stephanie shared with us a few:
  • Stephanie won Business First Louisville “40 Under 40” in 2014
  • Louisville Family Fun raised $5,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters this year through a single event
  • LouFamFun co-hosted an event for a nature preserve and had over 2,000 people in attendance making it their most successful year yet for the event

Roshanda E. Pratt

Serve the world with your gift through storytelling

Roshanda E. Pratt, (AKA The Rosho) storyteller strategist & heartfelt producer is one busy, yet super focused woman. She’s the CEO of The REP Network that officially launched in 2010. Having completed a B.S. Mass Communication from Winthrop University (Go Eagles), Roshanda’s journey actually started in a place you may not have guessed. Her business started in church. Roshanda found herself wanting to help her church tell their story through media relation strategies. And guess what?

It worked!

Her growing church in rural South Carolina was consistently featured in a local paper and by neighboring radio stations. They were featured several times in television news stories and cited as stories. She realized she was onto something. When Roshanda coupled her passions with her experience working in television news, she knew she could really be used to do good. If her church used her services, just imagine who else could use it?

Of course, being an entrepreneur has given Roshanda more control over her schedule and the ability to give her family additional things like “dinner out” on Mom. But, It has also allowed her to serve people in her community in a greater way, thus showing her three children to do the very same.

It has created a culture in Roshanda’s home so much so that her girls who are 8 and 10 want a business and her 6 year-old son to wants to help kids with cancer.

Earlier this year, Roshanda made a connection with a job placement company and planned the first ever job fair in the community near her church. With an unemployment rate higher than the state average, it was a genuine need. The city and county worked alongside Roshanda, along with local sponsorship from the media and a big company donated money to purchase gas cards to ensure people could get to their new opportunity as dependable transportation was an issue. The job fair, which had over 400 people in attendance and 30 employers with laptop stations and wifi for applications, gave locals and veterans opportunities to connect and gain employment.
Roshanda’s passion of storytelling for brands and businesses isn’t confined to her career. Her dream of doing great work within her community all came from the thought of giving others an opportunity to write a new story for their family.

Jennifer Auer

Flexibility is key when being a successful mompreneur

Jennifer Auer calls New Jersey home while she pursues life in business and motherhood. She’s the publisher of Jersey Family Fun, LLC that she officially launched six years ago in October 2010. Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship from Bryant University in Smithfield, RI. Wanting to help families find easy affordable ways to have fun together in New Jersey was the original inspiration for the company she created.

As she travels around New Jersey and the country, she gets to have incredible experiences and adventures with her kids that are part of her ‘work’ days. If Jennifer had a more traditional office job, she wouldn’t have had the chance to travel as much as she gets to with her family and that brings great satisfaction to Auer. Her work day can involve getting creative at the Crayola Experience, kayaking on the river, or playing Monopoly with an elephant. There’s not much that can beat having your kids with you on your best work days. She creates content and manages her business during the day while her kids are in school which then allows her to be available for her family after school, weekends, and on holidays.

In 2015, through Jennifer’s creative leadership at New Jersey Family Fun, she launched ‘12 Days of Service’ across New Jersey. They provided children school supplies at back to school parties. They helped kids make holiday gifts for loved ones. And they visited every New Jersey Ronald McDonald home serving dinner to families with children receiving medical care at nearby hospitals.

Tina Greer

Help others live their best life through encouraging words and educational training

Tina L. Greer, founder and CEO of Greer Business Solutions, LLC, is a business growth strategist, professional speaker, and author. She has been in business for eight years having launched in July 2008. In her business, she has been providing business coaching and consulting services to aspiring women entrepreneurs for the last two years.

Having graduated from Murray State University with a Masters of Public Administration (MPA), specializing in Finance in August 2001, Tina has been able to help others live their best life through encouraging words, knowledge and educational training.

She receives joy and satisfaction in teaching and inspiring others into their greatness! Not only has she had opportunities to learn from mentors and other business executives both from the corporate world and entrepreneurs on how to be successful, but also to enjoy sharing what she’s learned with others in order for them to excel in their business ventures as well.

By being a business owner and mompreneur, Tina has the flexibility to spend more time with family and also provide the financial means in order to enhance their quality of life. It has also allowed her to equip her girls by teaching them what she knows as it relates to business so they realize that they can be successful in whatever they put their minds to, stressing to them that hard work, education, having a positive mindset, and being proactive are the keys to being successful in whatever you want to achieve in life.

Tina is thankful that she’s been afforded opportunities to be on several platforms such as radio, conferences, and business summits where she has been able to train and inspire business owners by providing business strategies and techniques necessary to be successful in business. The feedback has always been positive and helps many continue to advance in their business ventures. Under Greer Business Solutions, she also has an organization called Sisters United where she works with women entrepreneurs in establishing relationships through networking. Tina is a firm believer that when you connect people in building businesses, giving back to local charities that serve women and children on an annual basis through monetary donations, food, and material items as requested are essential to a thriving success.

Elizabeth Durham

Turning personal interests and passion into a thriving business

Elizabeth Durham, Founder of Elizabeth Durham, LLC enables women to stop hiding in order to find their true self and what empowers them through nutrition. She provides her community access to fresh, organic produce at reasonable prices with her company she founded, Lettuce Heads Organic Buying Club, LLC.

After attending Eastern Illinois University for her Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration degree, Elizabeth started Elizabeth Durham, LLC in January 2014 as a Facebook page and founded Lettuce Heads Organic Buying Club, LLC almost 7 years earlier at the end of 2009.

The original inspiration to start her nutrition business was her own health struggles. Elizabeth used nutrition to heal her body and wanted to share what she had learned with others in hopes of their struggles being lessened. Lettuce Heads Organic Buying Club was launched to provide her local community and family with access to fresh, organic produce.

Seriously, who doesn’t love fresh organic produce?

Owning a business and working from home has allowed Elizabeth to be more present in the lives of her five children. She never dreamt she would home-school but she is in year two and finds everyday an opportunity to learn and grow right along-side her kids. She also gets to teach them the importance of following your dreams, working hard and being good to others.

Through her health journey, Elizabeth has been able to empower other women with the proper tools to overcome their health struggles. She’s been fortunate to connect with a local functional medicine doctor’s office to provide her clients with healthy cooking demonstrations, allergy friendly tips and easy recipes.

After hearing people say, they just couldn’t afford to eat healthy, Elizabeth went on to create her recipe book, Gluten Free Cooking On A Budget. Healthy recipes with ingredients you can find even in a local farmer’s market.

You can start a business on something so simple as providing food which creates a domino effect of greatness that changes the community and stimulates the economy. Be the change!

Shevon Jones

Focus on the changes that can be made to increase quality of life

Shevon Jones was inspired by her desire to show mothers how to find their purpose outside of motherhood and to give them the tools to balance it all. She’s the founder of The Pink Revolution that she launched in 2015. It really came out of her own need as she has moved along the momprenuer journey.

Shevon obtained a B.S Human Services from Kennesaw State University and a Masters in Social Work from Clark Atlanta University. She wants to give moms all of the things she wish she had when she started and to help mothers to live outside of motherhood. “So often as mothers we lose ourselves and forget our dreams and I wanted to show mothers that it is all possible and help them to rediscover their purpose”, says Jones.

Being an entrepreneur has allowed Shevon to show her daughter that if you work hard you can achieve your dreams. She is constantly showing her that hard work and dedication will pay off if you are committed. It also has allowed her not to take life so seriously, which in return, allows Shevon to be calmer and more at peace with her interactions with her daughter.

Helping a woman change her life by coaching, creating a plan together and walking her through the process of changing her current circumstances is so rewarding. When they see that thriving in life can be on purpose, it is a phenomenal thing and Shevon looks forward to the many more women she’ll be able to assist.

Rachel Kline & Lauren Breeze

Create new experiences for others while fulfilling personal business goals brings such satisfaction

Lauren Breeze and Rachel Kline are the co-owners and founders of Nashville Fun for Families. Lauren handles the core marketing aspect and Rachel focuses on content for their business in Nashville, Tennessee. Both being college graduates, these ladies were able to find a career that worked with the lifestyle they wanted to create. Lauren received B.S. in Marine Transportation from Texas A&M University and got her MBA from St. Edward’s University. Rachel attended Middle Tennessee State University.

After Lauren moved to Nashville due to a corporate relocation, she approached Rachel, a Nashville native, to help create a resource for parents to find adventures and events for the whole family in Middle Tennessee.

Lauren loves that she gets to explore Nashville with her family and write about it for other families to enjoy. Her kids get to be involved in what she does for a living, so making it a true family affair is great.

Rachel knew that they had succeeded when locals were sharing their content because it was solving a need for locals in the community wanting to have fun for their families.

Their intention is always to create useful content to help moms and dads make the best use of their family time.

When they see people they know use their website and their content, it brings them both such gratification in what they have truly created for the community.

So gratifying!

Petrina Turner

There are often many routes to having a successful journey

Petrina Turner is a statistician by day and takes care of three little boys, a husband, and runs a personal finance business by night at PDT Consulting. As a financial stewardship coach, her goal is to help families organize their spending, save for a rainy day, get out of debt, and leave something other than bills to their children. She wants them to leave a financial legacy.
She has a large emphasis on blogging, personal finance tips, products and services with PDT Consulting. Her business began a few years back when she and her husband were working on their finances when trying to buy a house. As they became more knowledgeable about personal finances, they started conducting personal financial workshops at their church in 2011. It was not until 2013 that Petrina became a certified blogger and launched her business.
Petrina received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina A & T State University, but after working in the industry for a few years, she realized it was not her passion or purpose. So she decided to go back to school and she received a Masters of Science in Urban Studies from Savannah State University and she hasn’t looked back since. She’s a data person and really enjoys using numbers as a means to help families get out of debt.
After conducting personal finance workshops at church and helping friends with their budget, she knew she wanted to do more with it. At first, Petrina felt her lack of a degree in finance, accounting or business degree was a stumbling block limiting her ability to take her business to the next level. It was not until she read the book, “Start” by Jon Acuff, that gave her the confidence to leap and “start” a financial coaching business.
Having her own business has helped her be a better mom because she has been able to demonstrate to her boys the importance of believing in their gifts and abilities, to step out on faith and just JUMP...even when you are unsure and/or afraid.
Just Do it.
Petrina has begun teaching her boys at ages seven, six and three years-old about finances. They have an opportunity to earn a dollar a day each month based on chores. Regardless of how much they earn, they must put 1/3 in their “Give” piggy bank, 1/3 in their “Save” piggy bank and the remaining 1/3 in their “Spend”. At the end of the year, they collect the funds in their “Give” bank (minus the funds they have given to our church on Sundays) and choose a family or an organization to make a donation. For Petrina, a part of leaving a financial legacy is leaving a giving legacy. This is a “success” for Petrina.


It certainly wasn’t easy, but these mompreneurs are great examples of success. Many received a college degree that are not necessarily related to the ultimate path they have taken in their lives. But being able to run a business, be a mom and doing something that you love is absolutely possible while serving local businesses and community.

In the comments below, tell me one thing you were inspired or encouraged by with these successful mompreneurs? I look forward to reading your thoughts.

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