18 Times Wedding Photographers Were Really, Really Proud Of A Picture

This is how you make a moment stand still forever.

Asking a wedding photographer to pinpoint the best photo they've ever taken is a tall order -- but that didn't stop us from asking anyway!

Below, see the photos photographers say they are most proud of and find out what made these shots in particular so special.

"It was one of the first lesbian Indian weddings in the U.S. People from all over the world were viewing this in such a positive light. I would get messages from kids in India asking my advice on how to come out to their parents and some adults thanking me for sharing this story because it has now changed their view on same-sex marriage. What an honor!" - Steph Grant
"This couple got married at the beautiful Auberge du Soleil in Napa. Having just the right light from the afternoon sun, I called the bride and groom over to snap a quick pic in front of the window. I love the way the light bathes the couple." - Clane Gessel
"The lighting, background audience and that one tear say it all. The first dance has Errin completely emotional, and at the same time she is completely comforted by her husband's embrace. Photographic bliss!" - Terrell Clark
"Sparkler photos are a dime a dozen these days, and we take a new one what seems like every other weekend. But this one really blew us away when we got a chance to sit down at the computer and look at it. The bride really wanted something almost enchanted and surreal-looking, and I think we nailed it." - Darryl Ann and Joe
"It has a cinematic, almost Vogue-esque feeling to it. It simply captures a couple enjoying a loving wedding day glance at one another." - Flavio D.
"The Louvre was the backdrop -- and as per usual, packed with visitors. We had less than 5 minutes to get this photo given that the clouds were about to erupt with buckets of rain. Proud of the results given the circumstances." - Dino Jeram
"My client wrote an email describing a dream they had for a photo of their wedding ceremony: 'A white sand beach that crests just above the water, not more than a few inches...no trees, no dirt...nothing but sand. Water so clear it magnifies the ocean floor for miles around and skies so blue and perfect that the odd cloud only enhances every scene.' The fact that I could actually make a photograph that was literally a figment of someone’s imagination surprised me as an artist and keeps me motivated to always better myself as an artist." - Matt Adcock
"This bride went through her entire wedding day not showing too many emotions. This photograph captured and kept a very brief moment in which the bride showed all her emotion in the very last two minutes of the night." - Kristi Odom
"Our favorite image is one of the last shots from a recent wedding in Makena, Maui. Maui sunsets are one of a kind!" - Shawn-Marie Ravazzano
"This photo was taken on the day of Anne and Conrad's elopement at the Four Seasons Bora Bora. Sitting in the lagoonarium, I had the camera half in the water and half out, clicking whenever the fish swam by. Our friend Lauren was feeding the fish which is why I got lucky with so many fish in the shot. Shortly after, they were married on the beach." - Brian Callaway
"This one was from DC Pride last year — we did a vow renewal with Nicole and Rose and then they marched in the Pride parade, and everyone in the crowd went nuts for them! This photo shows one of the cheering crowd members handing Rose a beer." - Maggie Gaudaen
"One of the joys of photographing weddings is that I find these beautiful little moments I didn'€™t realize I had until after the celebration is over. This photo, taken during Sierra and Cody'€™s first dance, gave me that €'Christmas morning' feeling when I saw it the first time. They have such a wonderful spirit towards each other, both loving and fun, and this quiet little moment became one of my favorite photographs from that day." - Heather Shelley
"During the reception, the bride and groom decided to sneak away for some photos in the rain. Sometimes the more challenging lighting and weather conditions can create really unique opportunities. I love this shot because it's so different from my normal body of work." - Jonathan Connolly
"Brandon and Lindsay are high school sweethearts who are still crazy about each other more than a decade later. I loved that they felt comfortable to let me get in their space to capture this sweet moment during the first dance. It didn't seem to disturb them one bit." - Laura Zastrow
"This couple decided to do a father-daughter and mother-son dance simultaneously. I wanted to find a shot that would not necessarily put more emphasis on one over the other, and was pretty happy with how this turned out." - Duy Ho
"I love how the trees, road and Canadian Rockies created a beautiful backdrop and focal point for this rad couple." - Phil Chester
"They were beaming, they were dancing, they were working the crowd and they were celebrating with their family and friends. A wedding day goes by quickly, but a second line is a wonderful way to end with a bang." - CheyAnne Keese
"Amanda and Sean are an incredibly carefree, joyous and radiant couple. I love this image because it illustrates who they are as a couple and individuals." - Tracey Buyce

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