25 Reasons to Visit Romania (3): Bucharest

Have a ride with an old tram, take cooking lessons, go to a pool party, have a gourmet breakfast, eat a fabulous gelato, ride a horse, listen to live music or go to a theater show, or even have a riveting ride with a helicopter. So pack your bags and book your flight!
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Photo by Eduard Gutescu

Like I promised you here, today I will show you some amazing places from Bucharest where you can party, eat, play and discover the vibrant, astonishing capital of Romania. You will experience some pretty awesome activities and create memories that will last a lifetime: have a ride with an old tram, take cooking lessons, go to a pool party, have a gourmet breakfast, eat a fabulous gelato, ride a horse, listen to live music or go to a theatre show, or even have a riveting ride with a helicopter. So pack your bags and book your flight!

1. The first circular tram line in Bucharest - tram 1

Does a complete tour of the city including the original route from 1894: The Love Tunnel, two resplendent parks - Carol and Tineretului; Bellu Cemetery (where some of Romania's famous artists and writers are buried) marks the end of the tramline.

Photo by Aurel Rapa

2. Cooking Classes at Societe Gourmet

Their cooking classes are conducted by German Chef Daniel Wendorf and are based on fundamental cooking techniques, quality products and seasonal ingredients. If we were to define its general style, it would be creative kitchen.

Photo by Societe Gourmet

3. Player Club. Join the Player Experience!

Player Club was opened in 2008, but the Summer of 2014 marked a premiere for the clubbing scene in Bucharest, giving birth to Player Summer Night & Day. A brand new concept known worldwide which soon came to be extremely appreciated in Romania. You can party all day at their amazing pool, you can enjoy the sunset and a cocktail and you can party all night long with live music and beautiful people.

Photo by Player Club

4. Deschis Gastrobar - a new rooftop bar in town

Deschis (Open) Gastrobar is wholeheartedly characterised by its name: friendly, effusive and welcoming. Its objective is to unite the creative people community in an outgoing environment and to accommodate innovative ideas inside its 500 m² space.

Photo by Gastrobar Deschis

5. Concept Store Mega Image, foodies haven

Mega Image has launched this special brand for its customers to enjoy the undeniable taste of Romanian specific products. It includes produce from local entrepreneurs renowned for their quality and specific cuisine. In addition to this, one can scoop up from the shelves international cheese and meat products as well as closely selected wines and premium beers, BIO cosmetics etc.

Photo by Mega Image

6. Iris Flower Shop

An architectural gem hosts this spectacular flower shop where customers wish to come back to revel in this magnificent place.

Photo by Adela Parvu

7. Seneca Anticafe - working cafe

Seneca is your home away from home and a meeting hub for young, talented, creative people who can make their voice be heard and pursue their hobbies.

Photo by Seneca

8. Wine Bar 1000 Chipuri

Approximately 500 assortments (the list is growing by the hour) of wines from over 20 countries. The Wine Flights concept has also been appropriated and represents a special feature of this locale.

Photo by 1000 Chipuri

9. Carturesti Carusel - library & coffee

A glamorous refurbished building from the historical Old Town hosts an exciting experiment by offering a space to read, socialise and explore the artistic nuance of the city' s heart.

Photo by Saks Magazine

10. Riding Club Equestria

The equestrian Riding Club claims itself to be a place where all horse lovers can relax by riding in the field or in the forest, where they can have riding lessons, or just observe other people riding while serving a good cup of coffee.

Photo by Equestria

11. Aero Taxi - head in the clouds

Looking for a unique and unforgettable experience?

If you want to see from above the surroundings of Bucharest or other attractions throughout Romania, Aerotaxi offers remarkable tourist itineraries: Peles Castle, Bran Castle, the Black Sea Coast, Northern Moldavia (Bucovina), Transylvania, Maramures and many other exquisite locations.

Photo by helitaxi.ro

12. Simbio, best breakfast in town

Forget your worries, just enjoy the food: breakfast is a 24 hours a day affair plus there is a wide selection of burgers (including a quinoa one for all you vegans out there).

Photo by Simbio

13. Emilia Cremeria, a passion for gelato

Handmade gelato - you will wish to return just to have one more! Mark my words!

Photo by Emilia Cremeria

14. Metropolitan Library Garden

You come here to read or to relax Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00. Flower pots are welcomed! Happy reading!

Photo by lauracaltea.ro

15. The Coffee Shop - gifts and treats

Enjoy a Pure Origins Colombia Supremo To Go plus the best chocolate cake from Cacao Barry. We recommend the Truffle Chocolate or the Black&White.

Photo by The Coffee Shop

16. Stadio cu atrium - best hambuger in town

The vintage vibe combined with elements of an industrial kitchen make for an exciting setting where you can taste exquisite Italian dishes and perfect hamburgers. Don't forget to ask for their home made pizza sauce or to try the eggs served directly from the frying pan.

Photo by Stadio

17. Music Club - Live Music

Founded in 2003 as a place dedicated to high quality live music, the entire setup including the stage, lights and sound system was designed to give guests the best live concert experience imaginable.

Photo by Music Club

18. Godot Cafe-Theatre

An independent cafe-theatre keeping the authenticity of the classical theatre room but with a twist. Spectators can view plays, shows, concerts, or just enjoy the bohemian atmosphere.

Photo by Anca Robu

19. Mogosoaia Palace & Lake

Mogosoaia Palace is situated about 10 kilometres away from Bucharest. It was built between 1698-1702 by Constantin Brâncoveanu in what is called the Romanian Renaissance style or Brancovenesc style.

The historical, cultural, touristic and entertainment premises located at Mogosoaia are one of the most valued and sought after places because of the valuable architectural patrimony, and the picturesque natural environment.

Photo by localuri-bucuresti.ro

20. Drink Beer in Biutiful, by Fratelli

Biutiful represents a natural evolution of a pub in third millennium. The busy life from Bucharest's old city center has inspired a friendly, open and unique space. From the traditional "fish & chips", to the delicious lamb skewers or the famous "tower burger" every plate is designed especially for Biutiful. And the beer is the queen!

Photo by Biutiful

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