26 Reasons I'm Proud to Be a 26-Year-Old Virgin


I love being an artist. Through writing, modeling and spoken word, I am able to convey my love for the craft. Being left-handed also goes along with me being super creative. But what is even more unique than being left-handed is that I am a proud 26-year-old virgin.

I have been modeling since I was 19 years old and have done runway, commercial print, advertisements, clothing lookbooks, jewelry, websites and countless other work. I was featured as Miss COED, Vibe Magazine Vixen of the Day and Jet Magazine Beauty of the Week. I put my heART and soul into everything I do. My heart has found itself in places other than in a boy's arms at this time. My heart goes into my work, my writing, my modeling and my love for my puppy dog Cookie.

I want to encourage young people that being sexy and having sex are two very different things. You can be sexy by exuding confidence and charisma. Having sex is not a prerequisite for being sexy. And with all of the diseases out there, that is reason enough to wait. According to the American Sexual Health Association, one in four young people will get and STD, and one in two sexually active people will contract and STD by the age 25. And the best way to avoid this is abstinence. Some will agree with me and some will disagree, saying it's impossible to not have sex. But IMPOSSIBLE turns into I'M POSSIBLE. There are many reasons I chose to wait. Here are 26 reasons:

1) I'm unique and different.
2) Being a virgin past 20 isn't weird or awkward like the media makes it out to be.
3) I'm not a statistic.
4) I don't have to take birth control.
5) I beat stereotypes of how people "imagine" a virgin to be.
6) I prove that virgins are not just a thing of the Victorian Era.
7) You can be sexy without having sex.
8) I will have a special gift for my future husband.
9) Being a virgin doesn't make someone prude; It means I respect myself and my body.
10) Sex is not something to just get over with. It is something sacred and special.
11) I don't have to worry about warts, herpes or any HIVs or STDs.
12) Abstinence works. Abstinence education is an option and should start at home.
13) Sex should be more than just physical, and I will wait until I find a spiritual connection.
14) Sex and love are two different things, but there should be love in sex.
15) I don't have to wake up next to a complete stranger and regret it.
16) It seems like everyone is having sex, and I'm proud not to be like everyone else.
17) Being a strong woman doesn't mean taking control in the bedroom; it means taking control of your life.
18) If people can come forward with sex stories, why can't I proudly come forward with my virginity story?
19) No mental stress from sex with one-night stands.
20) I want to put a face to virginity.
21) I don't have to worry about unwanted pregnancies.
22) Don't let anyone say that there is something wrong with waiting.
23) There is no shame in being pure and valuing myself.
24) I've heard a lot of people say that they wish they waited; I am proud that I don't have to wish it.
25) I've learned to love myself, flaws and all.
26) Sex is healthy with someone you love, but virginity is a healthy option too.

And always love who you are and know that it is more than ok to be a virgin past the age of 20. Virginity is a gift that you can never get back. Be careful who you give it to. And always love yourself!


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