4 Travel Items That Will Make Your Trip SO Much Better

4 Travel Items That Will Make Your Trip SO Much Better
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Backpack, money belt, power converter: these tried and tested items are known "must-brings" for nearly every trip. While you may feel satisfied having these guys all ready to go for your next journey, keep in mind that these essentials may not be what you need to really put your trip over the top. If you want to go beyond being prepared and pack like a savvy, well seasoned jet setter, here are some of the top travel items that will make your trip SO much better than you ever imagined.

Scooter Suitcase

Lugging suitcases and backpacks around is a drag. Honestly, between flights, train platforms and taxi trunks, just taking a vacation can turn into an upper body workout. Instead of tending to aching muscles while trying to enjoy your trip, consider getting the scooter suitcase. It may seem a little nerdy at first but this Micro Kickboard pops right out of the bottom of the case, allowing you to use the handle to hold on tight and ride the luggage instead of it riding you. Not only will you avoid having to carry it long distances, but you can actually use the scooter function to get where you are going much faster. Late for a flight? The scooter suitcase has got you covered.

Scrubba Wash Bag

Perfect for hikers, backpackers and budget travelers, the Scrubba wash bag allows you to rid yourself of that dirty, smelly, nomad look. Instead of lugging your clothes to musty Laundromats, washing them in the hostel sink or wearing your underwear inside out, this compactable "washing machine" lets you get your clothes clean anywhere. It works by adding water and soap to the bag along with the dirty clothes, folding and sealing it, letting the air out with the valve and then pressing down on the bag to rub the clothes along the internal washboard. After removing the dirty water from the bag, rinse in clean water and then use the Scrubba dry towel to remove excess moisture before hanging it up on the included clothesline. It beats spending money on washing machines and turns rivers, lakes and oceans into your own personal washing resource.

For the many moments that travel proves uncomfortable, the Cloud9 Lounge comes in to the rescue. Waiting around at bus stations, airports and train platforms can be tiring, especially when there are no more seats left to grab. Instead of standing for long hours or sitting on dirty floors, you can now use this inflatable lounge chair/couch to make any situation more comfortable. Completely compactable, this lounger is lightweight, making it easy to carry around during your journeys. It comes equipped with a bottle opener and can/bottle pocket for easy access when you want to have a beer in the park or on the beach. There is also a security loop to keep it from blowing away in windy areas and a pocket that fits an iPad mini or Kindle. Turn any travel situation into a comfy one!

If you've got a smart phone and a GoTenna, be prepared to have access to cell service and WIFI no matter where you end up. Smart phones prove to be one of the ultimate travel resources allowing travelers to access maps, language translations, currency converters and important contacts. However, many destinations have poor service, leaving many scared of getting lost or actually being stranded in an unfamiliar place. Working alongside with its associated app, this GoTenna can be used to track down cell service and WIFI access in even the most remote of places. Never fear getting lost again and always be prepared with this useful resource.

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