4 Ways to Save Your Sanity By Using a Press Kit for your Business

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So someone may have advised you to get a press kit together, but you have no idea why you actually need one. Maybe you haven't even had dealings with the press. Your business isn't that big, after all.

Here's a list of reasons to fill you in on why a press kit (also called media kit) is so important no matter who you are.

#1 Versatility

The truth is, press kits have a lot of uses. They're not restricted to a certain type or size of business. You don't need a certain amount of media attention to warrant putting one together either.

Of course, its biggest use is press related but you can hand them out to pretty much anyone, almost like a really fleshed out business card you send to people who are interested in what you do. Your press kit can even act as a sales tool to inform or persuade potential clients, whether it's an individual or another business.

#2 Credibility

Having a professionally designed press kit already prepared adds quite a bit of credibility to your business. Media outlets will see you as a go-to source within your industry, coming to you for interviews and quotes.

It communicates that you've been here before. You'll be seen as a true professional who knows what they're doing. And it makes sure the information used about you is accurate and flattering, since it's coming directly from you.

#3 Easier for You

There's a famous quote that you've probably heard that goes, "It's better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have". Even if you've never particularly seen the need for a press kit before now, doesn't mean you won't in the future.

In fact, once you have them already prepared, there's no doubt you'll see them come in handy. An online press kit can inform a reporter or interested party about you and your business as easily as you can send an e-mail. It will have a positive effect on your business, while requiring almost no effort - and even saving time - on your end.

#4 Easier for Reporters

You're not the only person your media kit will make things easier for. Media you work with won't need to ask as many questions or spend as much time seeking the answers and information they need for pieces.

And they like to work with people who are easy to work with. Meaning they'll keep coming back for more, giving you more and more publicity in the process.

Essentials of a Great Press Kit

There's quite a few things you can and should include within your press kit, from information on your products and services to photographs. Just as important is brand consistency and personality. You'll want your logo and contact info on everything and to present yourself in a way unique to you and what you're all about.

Sound confusing?

It doesn't have to be :) There are many free tools available for getting the ball rolling on your press kit (many of which could possibly reside currently on your desktop!) *Cough* Microsoft Office! Save to PDF and boom you're done. If you are pressed for time you could hire a professional to handle your press kit from start to completion. Either way you'd simply need to gather the necessary information and put it together in a way that's sure to impress.

Paula Speights is a self-proclaimed design geek and total Disney fangirl. By day she's a design whisperer & visual hype man that caters to entrepreneurs and small businesses. www.dizzlegraphics.com

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