44 Weird Christmas Gifts Perfect For All The Oddballs On Your Shopping List

Ugly Christmas sweaters? Check! Darth Vader nutcracker? Yep! Oh, and don't forget the ham-shaped backpack!

Christmas shopping season is upon us.

And while there are some people on your list you think might be hard to shop for ― the weirdos ― it doesn’t have to be that way.

HuffPost Weird News has combed the world looking for the year’s weirdest Christmas items.

Even Ebenezer Scrooge will find something to like in this guides (something I feel safe in saying since he’s a fictional character who can’t speak for himself).

Ugly Christmas Sweater/Wine Holder
Yes, ugly Christmas sweaters are supposed to be ugly, whether in design or in thought. But they can also be utilitarian, as this wine holder jumper demonstrates.
Darth Vader With Tie Fighter Nutcracker
This Darth Vader-themed Nutcracker may be the nuttiest thing to hit the "Star Wars" world since the 1978 "Holiday Special."
Roswell Alien Plaque
This plaque of a space creature will certainly add a little something extra(terrestrial) to any home or office.
Spicy Lip Balms Inspired By Indian Food
Chapped lips aren't so hot, but these balms inspired by various Indian dishes sure are.
Sexy Plus-Size Christmas Elf Costume
Some elves may be a little too big to put on the shelf — and too sexy!
Blue Reindeer Twosie
If the words "personal space" aren't in your — or your significant other's — vocabulary, then you owe to yourself to get a Christmas "Twosie" to celebrate your lack of boundaries. (Not available for purchase until Dec. 6.)
T-shirts That Look Like Business Casual Attire
The pandemic may be over, but Zoom meetings are still a way of life for many, but with the added hassle of actually having to look respectable during them. WowFromHome makes T-shirts that actually look like business casual attire. Phoning it in never felt so ... comfy.
Bear Outhouse Toilet Paper Holder
Can't bear to be alone in the bathroom? This toilet paper holder comes with a small bear holding its own roll of tissue so you have someone to talk with. And, by the way, no one outside the John will hear you talking with an imaginary creature. Guaranteed.
Jack Frost Costume
Surely, dressing up as Jack Frost will melt the coldest of hearts, right? Oh, it depends? Ah. Good to know.
Ho Ho Hold My Beer Ugly Christmas Sweater
The phrase "Hold my beer" might be used when someone does something stupid without thinking, but, for many, the smartest decision they ever make may be buying this ugly Christmas sweater.
Holiday Dinosaurs Button-Up Shirt
It's safe to say that Christmas and paleontology haven't always gone together. But this button-up shirt with dinosaurs in holiday attire shows things are evolving.
Monkey See, Monkey Poo Game
It is a truth generally acknowledged that any game that centers around primates flinging feces will probably be very popular with kids — provided the excrement isn't real.
Smoked Trout Brandy
Smoked trout can be good on crackers, but one distillery has decided it's also good on (checks notes)...brandy?!?
Farting Elf Ugly Christmas Sweater
This ugly sweater of a farting elf is one reason why the Christmas season is always a gas.
Krampus Costume
Do typically Christmas characters cramp your style? Maybe you need to celebrate dressed as the Krampus, that character of Alpine folklore who scares kids who misbehave. How nice, yet naughty.
Alligator Loki Crossbody Bag
It's a universal truism that gym clothes kept in a bag that looks like the alligator version of Loki (ask a Marvel fan, kids!) just seem more ... gatorish?
Snowballs Deep Ugly Christmas Sweater
This sweater of a snowman with testicles is the perfect gift for anyone who suffers from blue balls.
Absolut And Kahlua Espresso Martini Fragrance
Most people probably don't want to be told they smell like booze, but that's kind of the point when the alcohol odor is a fragrance that distills the flavor of an Absolut and Kahlua espresso martini.
Reclining Santa Figurine
Flying around the world delivering presents in one night is not only inefficient in a supply-and-demand way, it's also very tiring. So let Santa chill in his recliner and have a Christmas Day nap.
Device That Turns Baby Carriage Into Golf Caddy
New parents no longer have to choose whether to push a stroller or a golf cart. That's because the Kid Caddie allows the stroller to double as a golf cart.
Sadly, most babies aren't able to recommend a wood or an iron for that tough shot.
Alf Winter Hat
A winter hat featuring sitcom icon Alf? How alienating.
Cockroach Plush Toy
On those cold winter nights, it's always fun to snuggle with a beloved stuffed animal — and what's more cuddly than a cockroach? (Again, a rhetorical question.)
Cross Cone Pre-Roll
Since Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, no one should be cross if you decide to celebrate it with a cross-shaped pre-roll.
Endless Buffett Scratch Pad
No, kitty. That's not a big can of cat food, it's a scratch pad. Oh, you hate me now.
Cage-Free Toes
Slides that look like egg cartons? Now that's an "eggciting" Christmas gift!
Transformers Union Suits
Want to transform your love into something that freaks out the other members of your family? I present: his and hers Transformers union suits!
Stomach Fanny Pack
A stomach fanny pack is a gutsy way to stay "organized."
Personal Throne
If a person's home is their castle, then surely a throne is more appropriate than a recliner.
PB&J Chocolate Pot Edible
Sure, candy is a dandy stocking stuffer, but a peanut butter and jelly pot edible might pack more of a punch — and help you relax after discussing politics with your uncle.
Middle Finger Duck
Most people know that there are two kinds of "birds": one that flies and one you flip. This "Middle Finger Duck" deftly honors both groups.
It wouldn't be Christmas without a game where players play ring toss with fake antlers, would it? (Again: rhetorical question).
Voice-Controlled Heated Vest
It's not fun being cold and it is even more irritating when your jacket doesn't listen to your commands to warm you up even more. No problems with this voice-controlled heated vest, except for the occasional problems of people lookinig at you funny when they see you talking with your jacket.
Jagermeister Tap Machine
Jagermeister shots are an important ritual of life, but lifting bottles can be a chore. The Tap Machine allows you to drink shot after shot without, ugh, repeatedly lifting those heavy, heavy bottles.
Cannabis Crispy Rice Bars
This THC "Crispy Rice" bar brings new meaning to the term, "snap, crackle and pot!"
Spaghetti Monster Colander
It's an irrefutable proof of science that spaghetti made using a colander with googly eyeballs just seems more ... festive? Personable? Goofy? Still working on the right word, but we'll get there.
Doo Doo Kangaroo
Nothing says Christmas like a game centered around a pooping kangaroo. That's the hill I want to die on. This minute, anyway.
The Armbie
Sometimes, we all need a little hug. But if no one is around or you don't feel like violating the personal space of others, the Armbie will help you give yourself a hug. It also helps you relax your shoulders and arms when you're in cramped place.
Desktop Sleeping Device
Working at a desk can be tiring, but computer mouses aren't very comfortable pillows (we've tried). The Manta Nap Arc can turn any desk into a pillow, though it obviously can't turn every workplace into a non-toxic place where boundaries are respected. Oh well.
Walkee Paws Leggings For Dogs
If it's too cold for you to walk barefoot, it's too cold for your dog. Luckily, Walkee Paws allow Fido to walk on freezing city streets without getting ice on his paws.
Algae Tablets
Why would anyone want candy in their stocking when they could have algae?!
Nutty Advent Calendar
A nut-oriented advent calendar is the perfect gift for someone who is looking for an excuse to make jokes about "Deez Nuts" for 12 days.
Popcorn Pancake Mix
Popcorn isn't just for the movie theater. It can also be used for pancakes (after it's been popped, of course).
Pepper Pong
Are Grandma and Grandpa getting frustrated that the winter weather is keeping them from their precious pickleball? This portable variation turns any table into a makeshift game called "Pepper Pong."
Wine Advent Calendar
Every day is Christmas day in December with this boozy advent calendar. The recipient will see definitely see red (and white) when they open the package.

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