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5 Must-Haves For Digital Photos

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It's said that 90% of people today only take photos with smart phone cameras, and that a collective 510 billion photos will be taken in 2015 alone. Chances are, you've got a few on your own phone at the moment, and if not, you likely have some from a traditional digital camera taken at some point.

It's created an exciting market of cool and functional products that is constantly offering new ways to manage, store and use photos of all kinds. A few stylish favorites:


1. Digital photo frames can often look a little sterile and mechanic, but this chic option above combines the technology with a beautiful design. Frame, Waterford


2. Ultra high tech combined with fashionable design and cool colors turns photo storage into a decor piece that manages and stores your images while keeping everything safe, secure and more easily accessible. Storage, Monument


3. Your photos can be turned into art pieces of all kinds for any space! Simple online services and products make it easy and offer a ton of stylish choices and options. Photo art, CanvasPop


4. Photo printing is simple with products that automatically sync with smart phones, tablets and other devices to get the job done. Photo printer, Hammacher Schlemmer


5. Yes, you can even have your photos printed on marshmallows. What a tasty way to share your favorite snaps as a gift or a treat for yourself! Photo marshmallows, Boomf