5 Tips for Turning Your Creativity into a Business

5 Tips for Turning Your Creativity into a Business
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When I first started out as an Event Planner I wanted to have a place where I can share some tips and recipes that I would feature in some of my parties. That's where The Chic Site came about, it was my blog that I had turned into a really successful website. It features everything I love from food to style to everything about my books. That's right I am an author too! And though it's easier said then done I thought I'd share some things that I have learned along the way for turning my creativity into something I get to do everyday! So here it is...

How To Get Started
I've worked out of my basement, my garage, a beautiful loft, a crappy pink house with no A/C and finally the awesome HQ we have now. I have learned so many things about starting a business and running a business and no matter what industry you're in this is my best advice for those of you who are new to entrepreneurship or newish to this whole process. Read the rest of the article HERE
Time Management
u're trying to juggle school schedules and play dates and meetings and projects and getting in a workout and a date night and, and, and... it's no joke. I have been a working mom as long as I've been a mom. Tougher still, I've been an entrepreneur as long as I've been a mom which means it's really hard to shut off my work brain even when I'm at home. But I have learned some tricks and I thought you might find them helpful. Read the rest of the article HERE .
Get Organized
I've tried digital planners and fancy planners and date books galore, but my tried and true is actually just a large spiral bound notebook. Allow me to explain the awesomeness here. It's inexpensive for one thing. Target creates a new fun spiral bound notebook about every seven hours, so there are always fun options. Secondly, it's durable. I carry this thing with me everywhere (for serious, I get a little freaked out if I don't have it) so it gets roughed up by life in my backpack but it still stays strong. Read the rest of the article HERE
Starting a Blog
I am positive there are a hundred million posts on the internet telling you how to start a blog. I'm pretty sure if you Google them you'll probably find a more comprehensive to-do list for newbie bloggers on how to go about it. However, I get approximately fourteen emails a week from readers asking me for advice on how to start a blog so I thought I'd write a post in case you're curious. Here are my opinions (for better or worse) on what I've learned after five years of running a blog. Read the rest of the article HERE
Writing a Book
I tried to think of the things I wished I had known before I wrote my first book. Then, I tried to think of things that have been supremely helpful to me as I've written the second, third and fourth books. And then I thought, well shoot, maybe I should share this on the site. Maybe some of my readers want to be authors too and maybe they'd find this helpful. So that's what I'm doing, I'm going to tell you how to write a book. But first I will add this gigantic caveat: I don't know what I'm talking about! This advice isn't something I learned in any class or school, this is just what has worked for me. So if you read my list and you think, girl, that is crazy town! Chances are, it probably is crazy town for you and you should totally ignore it! But, some of you out there might find this helpful, so here is the Rachel Hollis version of, how to write a book. Read the rest of the article HERE

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