This Adorable 5-Year-Old Genius Schools Steve Harvey In Math

Can you say 876,946,351,798,345,601,801? He can.

Grab a calculator, because this 5-year-old genius is about to school math lovers everywhere.

Steve Harvey met numbers aficionado Luis on Sunday night, when the math wiz paid a visit to the NBC show "Little Big Shots." The adorable Brooklyn native was quick to show off his skills by doubling and squaring numbers at the drop of a hat. Meanwhile, Harvey needed the help of a calculator to double-check Luis' swift answers.

But Luis isn't just talented at math, his parents also post videos on YouTube of him showing off his amazing knowledge of the chemical elements, which he can list alphabetically, and the planets.

His mom, Kiesha Esquivel, told The Huffington Post that she realized how smart her little boy was when he became passionate about spelling at 2 years old. But his interest in math didn’t surface until June.

"He just remembered everything we told him and was able to understand it as well as teach it," Esquivel said.

And he still has that childish wonder, too. There was an adorable moment on the show when Luis tried to figure out what was that pesky dark silhouette that kept moving behind him.

We totally get it, Luis. Watch him track down his shadow and get very excited about playing math games in the video above.

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