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6 Easy Ways to Get Your Mojo Back This Spring

There's no doubt about the power of nature to change the landscape of our lives drastically. When we use this power to live in harmony with the seasons, and harness the momentum naturally occurring around us, we thrive.
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Transitional seasons are a kick aren't they?

It's as if Mother Nature suddenly has A.D.D. or as the artist Sting used to sing -- she can be all four seasons in one day!

It's warm one day and windy the next- then the rains come or if it's cold enough- snow appears on our car windows. If we're not careful, we'll find ourselves smack dab into the next season feeling as stormy and out of balance as the weather.

As Mark Twain so perfectly said:

"It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you want--oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!"

So I've got six easy ways to reclaim your balance and your mojo this Spring. And if you're down under heading into Fall, these six tips work just as well for you too.

1. Mimic nature and shed some skin.

Just as trees shed their leaves and snakes shed their skins, we need to exfoliate between the seasons; and whether it's the end of a long dry heated winter or a stale air-conditioned summer, removing some of those old dead skin cells is always a great idea.

My favorite body and facial scrub? Juice enough lemons to mix into a thick paste with two cups of white sugar and start scrubbing. You're about to smell and taste like a human lemon aid stand, but the payoff is far more than that five cents you used to get as a kid. Glow city!

2. Let the seasonal winds help you let go.

Imagine what it would be like if Mother Nature insisted on keeping everything as is for 12 months a year. Nature would look pretty stagnant wouldn't it? If we want to keep the vibrancy in our world, we have to be willing to let the old go and let the new energy flow.

Let go of all that stuck stagnant energy in your home and clear the slate for the new season by pulling up those big girl pants and stick 29 things from each room into a bag to donate, sell or recycle.

If we're honest with ourselves we really don't need that much stuff. When we let go of the extra clutter around us, clarity and peace come.

3. Plant seeds of change in your body care regime.

There's no doubt transitional seasons are windy, and according to Ayurvedic medicine, an easy time to get sick.

According to Chara Caruthers of the Huffington Post: Ayurveda has been around for centuries. It comes from the same traditions as yoga and like yoga, its ability to transform minds and bodies makes it a compelling choice for wellness seekers.

Spring's windy ever changing weather can irritate our Ayurvedic constitution because the wind element is considered to be harmful.

Protect yourself by ditching your thick creamy body lotions and replace them with protective thick oils such as coconut, olive or sesame. Add in a few drops of your favorite essential oils and you'll not only smell great while being protected from the windy elements, you'll also have a subtle sheen of illumination.

4. Time to prepare the surface... of your tongue!

Did you know your body naturally detoxes as you sleep? If you don't believe me, just take a look at your tongue first thing in the morning- it's pretty impressive in a yucky way. Rather than re ingesting all of that stuff (ick!), consider investing in a tongue scraper and scrape the surface of your tongue clean for the new day.

5. Bring the moisture back.

Whether we've been living in forced air conditioning all summer or heat all winter, we are all parched. Add in an extra quart of water to what you usually drink with a little lemon juice and help your body hydrate itself. Also, make sure you're also getting some good quality fish oils, coconut oils, olive oil and organic butter.

Studies have shown that our bodies need oil to properly absorb water. According to the International Weekly Journal of Science- Nature: Joshua Corn reports "cell membranes are made up primarily of fatty acids, and breakthrough research is showing that consuming the right amount and types of fatty acids is critical to maintaining healthy, hydrated cells as you age".

6. It's time to plant the seeds on those winter wishes.

If you're like most of us, you've been dreaming about making changes in your life for a long time. When we use the momentum of this season to put our wishes into action, it propels us closer to our dreams.

Come up with three action steps you can take right now to get closer to those dreams. Consider making that phone call, doing the research online, opening that savings account, attending a networking event, reaching out to an expert, or simply writing down a goal list for the next month with timelines you commit to meeting.

There's no doubt about the power of nature to change the landscape of our lives drastically. When we use this power to live in harmony with the seasons, and harness the momentum naturally occurring around us, we thrive.

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