6 Steps To Making Content the Power Medium for Marketing

Content strategy has become an important part of business growth. In fact, many smart marketers assign significant weight to how their online content can increase brand recognition and boost website traffic. Here are six things that every content marketer should know:

1. Build an intuitive site

Today's internet users have very short attention spans. A website that has them hovering from corner to corner to finally get to something they want is a surefire put-off. Clear fonts, a responsive design and an intuitive interface can leave the customer coming back for more.

2. Watch the speed

Another important factor is the speed at which your content loads. In a 2010 study by Gomez that assessed the impact of delay on websites, more than 75% of people left for a competitor's site when they encountered a delay of even a few seconds. And that's not to mention that Google may issue penalties to websites that load slowly.

3. Optimize for mobile

Today, almost everyone uses mobile technology. Smartphone users use them for quick searches social media or just for great content while commuting. Using light, responsive themes like Optimizer can make it really easy to optimize websites for mobile devices.

4. Know your audience

Content marketing is all about giving the user what he is looking for. Studying trends on social media can be great, but there are also some excellent tools like AllTop and BuzzSumo that can help you track top current trends in all niches.

5. Deliver great content

Today's customer is very different from the customer of the previous generation. He no longer waits for the sales guy to come and pitch a solution to him. He is aware of his problem, of the solution, and the capabilities of every competitive solution already on the market.
In such a scenario, content marketing should focus on the following questions: What is his problem? What led him to begin the search for the solution? Which particular feature is most likely to help him out? What does he hope to accomplish as the end result? Content that does not connect with the audience or help them in any way is as good as dead.

6. Look for other great platforms

Sharing ideas and content pieces in collaboration with other platforms in the same niche can be great way to cross-leverage your audience and offer optimized solutions. Getting your voice on high-authority publications increases your credibility. This approach leads everyone to a win-win situation -- the competitors and the consumer too! It also helps you understand various writing styles and audience needs.

About the author:

Devishobha Chandramouli is the founder and editor of Kidskintha- a platform dedicated to helping millennial parents raise happy kids. Get your own FREE copy of the eBook "137 Proven Productivity Hacks For The Millennial Parent" now.