6 Unique Ways To Make Your Content More Interactive

If your content isn't going viral, you're doing it wrong.

In today's world, you're competing for the attention of your customers every single second. You don't have time for your content to fall flat.

What I've learned over my many years working with diverse target audiences, is that you have to engage with your customers through interactive content.

You can do this in a variety of ways, from photographs to social media to viral videos. The platform is up to you, but the point remains the same: Your content should spark a meaningful conversation that leads your potential customers to become your most loyal clients.

Read on to learn my top six ways to make your content one of the best in the Internet:

Way #1: Personalize your messaging

One easy way to make sure you are interacting with your customers and making them feel valued is to personalize your messaging.

Use their first name in email salutations. Ask them to sign up for text message reminders and auto-respond with their first name. Get their birthday, and send them a "Happy Birthday" card via email or snail mail.

They'll feel more loyal to you if you reach out to them and prompt an interaction.

Way #2: Ask questions

Social media is a great platform for asking questions of your customers and interacting with them in meaningful ways. Test this out in your social posts.

Ask a question of the day and incentivize their responses by running a contest or offering to give away some fun swag. Anyway you can encourage their comments via social media and boost your overall perception in their minds.

This usually translates to a better relationship with your users.

Make it fun and engaging! Give your users something to think about and respond to with your posts.

Way #3: Don't be afraid to gamify

Quizzes are a great way to "gamify" your content and make it more interactive. Customers love to give feedback. They love to tell you what you did wrong and from this, you can learn how you can improve.

At the same time, they enjoy letting you know when you've pleased them. You can get this information through a fun quiz.

Lead your customers on an online scavenger hunt through your site. Quiz them at the end for a chance to win a coupon or a free gift.

Be creative in your approach and use simple questions. You may be surprised by how many interactive users you have out there!

Way #4: Make interaction easy

This is a key concept that can be so hard to do sometimes. The bottom line is that you don't want your user to get so frustrated that he or she abandons your site altogether.

If you are giving your user a survey or quiz to complete, give the user an idea of how long it will take. Include a progress bar that updates with each answered question.

Set your customers' expectations, and they'll stick around.

Way #5: Give advice they can actually use

At the end of the day, interactive content is valuable content. It’s something that tells the customer something new which can be applicable to their daily life.

Why does your service or product matter? Your content should be demonstrating that in unique ways, not copying what others have already done.

One strategy I love to deploy is writing a social media or blog post that gives three expert tips or advice related to my products or services. You're creating an "insider" feel for the content, and you're telling the user something helpful and meaningful.

In addition, I usually ask the user to add to the list. What advice do they have? What has worked for them? Let them tell you for the chance to be featured on your social media account or blog.

Way #6: Utilize multimedia

One of the strongest indicators of good content is if your user shares it. What we know about what works well on social media is that if you post a video it has the potential to be viewed and shared multiple times.

This is where choosing the right video for your purpose is so critical. Make or post a video that is humorous or that gives helpful tips.

Very popular right now are videos that are in the "Buzzfeed" style. In video format, they list the "Six Unique Ways to Make Your Content More Interactive." You get the picture.

You'll need to make sure you are taking advantage of video in your content marketing in order to engage with your users in a meaningful way. Make them laugh, make them cry, make them feel something.

Then sit back and watch them continue coming back to your site. Entertainment is a certain way to draw in new users and to get their attention for future messaging about your company.


In conclusion, it's so easy to get into the habit of doing the same old thing all the time. During the course of a year, your social media posts, blogs and email copy can all begin to sound the same.

You don't want this. And you don't have to let your content get this way.

Instead, try to infuse your content with more multimedia and creative prose. Experiment with new ideas and platforms. Take a few risks and make changes as you go.

What you'll find is that you'll learn valuable lessons about what your target audience values, and you'll experience more confidence as an entrepreneur because you will be pushing the limits of your creativity.

What type of interactive content will best connect with your audience?

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