7 Tragic Magician Deaths (PHOTOS)

As a professional magician, I am fascinated by the unusual, secret history of magic. This led to a discovery--a strange paradox of theater jargon: To "die" on stage is the fullest expression of failure; but to "kill" during a performance is the highest achievement. The history of magic reveals many instances wherein the figurative becomes the literal. The history of magic is littered with stories of death and murder. These slides show us examples of how and where conjuring has gone fatally awry, and why. With equal appreciation, we honor and immortalize the heroes, casualties and dunces who have lost their lives in pursuit of magic. These fatalities will help us uncover the bizarre but inevitable connection between death and the magician. If these stories interest you, and you find magic captivating, check out "The Complete Magician," [$39.95, Workman Publishing Company] which is my introductory book, kit, and DVD that examines the tricks and history of magic. It details over 100 magic effects. And not a single magician has died doing any of them.