70% Of The World's Oxygen Comes From The Ocean And We Say Thank You How?

I'm hoping that the newest shade of green is actually blue.

The cover of this month's National Geographic has yet another, depressing article on the state of our oceans, and marine life. I just returned from a vacation in Costa Rica where my son and I saw incredible wildlife, but how much of it will last when 97% of the country's sewage goes straight into the waterways?

Increasingly we see stories about people becoming sick from eating tainted fish. Bluefin tuna have been depleted by 97% in the North Atlantic, and yet commercial fishing continues.

The ocean is the most powerful force on the planet. It feeds us and all around us. And yet, while it gives us 70% of the oxygen we breathe, we are not protecting it. And time is dangerously short. Dangerously.

Whether you love fishing with your children, surfing, grilling fish, eating sushi, or well, breathing, we need to start paying attention to the ocean. Here are a few sites that I have found interesting. Here. Here. And here.