8 Ways You're Blocking Your Success

One of the most frequently asked questions I get during interviews is "what stops people from achieving their dreams or goals?" At first glance the concept of breaking through what blocks you seems complicated, but it's not.

Here are the top eight things that block us from our goals and how to get unblocked:

  1. You don't feel it. You haven't felt the achievement of having that which you desire. If you don't feel it first, you're not going to see the realization of the goal. What do I mean by that? I'm talking about feeling the emotion of having that goal manifested in your life. If it's something you want to have, do, or be, what would it feel like when you have it? Let the energy flow so you're feeling the elation and the experience of having all that you desire.

  • You don't have faith. Not having any faith is such a strong and powerful emotion. Remember that "faith of a mustard seed can move mountains." If you don't have faith you can't move anything, including yourself towards your own goals. Know that because you're a master manifester you can achieve anything you desire all you need to do is exercise an emotion called faith every single day so that it becomes habitual.
  • You focus on fear. When you invest most of your time fearing what you don't want your subconscious mind will go to work. You will attract to you that which is your most dominant thought. What are you thinking about all of the time? If you're thinking about what you don't want, if you're fearing what you don't want, you're giving that energy. All thoughts are energy in motion and those thoughts are preventing you from having that which you desire.
  • You don't believe you deserve it. This couldn't be further from the truth. You absolutely deserve it. It's easy to get rid of this block by telling yourself you are worthy. It seems simple, and it is. I tell myself that every day by listening to power life scripts and by reading affirmations and goal cards.
  • You haven't taken any action. Even when you don't have any evidence of it in sight, you must take action. Start researching your goal online. What's out there that can help you not only visualize your goal, but take small action, every day. Ask yourself two questions every day. In the morning ask, "What will I do today towards the creation of my goals?" In the evening ask yourself, "What did I do today towards accomplishing my goals?"
  • You need the "how" to be revealed. This one block alone is probably the single biggest one for most people. You think of the goal and the very next thought is "How am I going to do that?" If you don't get the answer, you cancel the goal. You don't bother pursuing it and do nothing towards achieving the goal. You don't need to know the "how," you just need to have faith, and keep moving towards that which you desire. The rest will be revealed to you.
  • You allow fear to totally consume you. Fear is all-consuming and it makes you feel bleak and dark. It's like you're in a dark room and you cannot see the way out. It leads to even further negative emotions like depression, anger, resentment and guilt; anything that doesn't feel good. It's like a contagious disease that will infect every part of your life. It is a destructive poison. Make your dominant emotion faith and you will be unstoppable.
  • You feel defeated and you give up. If there's an ounce of energy left in you, you can build upon that energy and make it stronger, which will make you stronger.
  • For more ways to break through the blocks that are preventing you from earning the success you deserve, join me in my Manifestation Creation Program. Together we can manifest your goals, and so much more.

    Peggy McColl is a New York Times best-selling author and an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal and professional development and Internet marketing. As an entrepreneur, business owner, mentor and professional speaker Peggy has been inspiring individuals to pursue their personal and business objectives and achieve ultimate success. She provides effective Internet marketing solutions for entrepreneurs, authors, publishers, professionals, and business owners, who want to establish an online presence, achieve bestseller status, build their brand, grow and/or expand their business online. You can find out more about Peggy at her website, Destinies.com.