90-Year-Old Men Race In 60-Meter Sprint At European Veterans Athletics Championships, Win Gold (VIDEO)

Two dashing nonagenarian gentlemen have given new meaning to the cliche, "life isn't a sprint but a marathon."

Emiel Pauwels, a 94-year-old from Belgium, and Ilmari Koppinen, a 95-year-old from Finland, were caught on camera at the 2013 European Veterans Athletics Championships in San Sebastian, Spain, competing in the 60-meter dash.

The video, recently uploaded to YouTube, features Koppinen in lane 3 and Pauwels in lane 4. Despite being quicker out of the blocks, Koppinen squanders his early lead, resulting in a surprisingly tight finish with Pauwels ahead -- but only by a whisker.

We can't make light of the (comparatively) younger 94-year-old trumping his older counterpart, though: as a result of how age groupings at the event are structured, both competitors won gold. Pauwels took the medal for men aged 90 to 94, while Koppinen walked away with the medal for men 95 and older.

Watch the video above to see the men race.

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