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A Bit of Fact Checking

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Not to perpetuate a fight that most might not be following, but sometimes you just have to call bullshit. My friend Jamal on this site asked the question "frankly David, what was the last campaign you worked on?" The answer is Brian Schweitzer's run for governor of Montana. Not sure you followed that one, Jamal, but we won a red state out here for the first time in more than a decade - one of the few races last cycle that Democrats might take some note of for the next go around.

And oh, by the way, last I checked, the races you've most recently worked on were Clark for President, Graham for President, and Sen. Cleland's unsuccessful bid for re-election...not exactly a record to be criticizing others from. Always a good rule of thumb, Jamal: don't throw stones from glass houses. In fact, you've done even worse: you've thrown stones without any house at all to protect you. Not too smart.

Look - let's not get into pissing matches about who worked on campaigns, etc. The point is this - I try to push ideology/principle/conviction through both carrot and sticks. Our side, unlike the other side, isn't used to sticks - only carrots. Anytime someone actually points out a substantive weakness in Democrats, other Democratic operatives scream bloody murder. But they shouldn't - there is a symbiotic relationship between the party apparatus and the grassroots. The grassroots is supposed to pressure the party to be better and more effective. If that pisses some people off, that's ok - as long as the party gets better.

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