A New Way To Reinvent -- Overseas

At 24, Carrie Hessler-Radelet arrived in Western Samoa as a Peace Corps volunteer, with an armful of books and a spirit of adventure. Never did she dream that 33 years later, after a long career in public health, she’d be sitting in the director’s chair, making sweeping changes in how volunteers are chosen—changes that should appeal to women with valuable job skills who are up for a game-changing experience but are unwilling to surrender control over where they go and the work they do. Here, Hessler-Radelet—only the fifth woman to serve as director of the agency since its founding in 1961—talks about how today's Peace Corps can create a new path for midlife women, and shares stories from her own volunteer days—as well as the deeply personal reason she’s put the safety of Peace Corps women at the forefront of her reform agenda.

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