A Rollicking Rick Steves Tour Guide Party

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My favorite party of the year is the day in January I open my house to our guides. Last year was packed to the max. We had 30 percent more guides this year -- giving us a good excuse to clean out the garage and rent a heater.

Our tour guides' international talent show has become a tradition, and this year we packed our living room to enjoy ten acts from ten countries. (I'll be sharing video clips of my favorites over the next three posts.)

The best advice when serving dinner to 130 hungry guides: Hire a food truck. Another tip: Clean up the laundry room and let the island become a stand-up dinner table.

We insist on the guides wearing name tags at all times (each with the flag of where they guide our tours). But we forgot to insist on wearing your own. Here, Robert and Cynthia did their best to confuse our newbies. Photo: The Travelphile