Aaron Rodgers Shares The Sticky Notes That Kept Him In Check On ‘Jeopardy!’

The Green Bay Packers quarterback raised eyebrows with one particular reminder that helped him guest-host the popular game show.

Aaron Rodgers was on top of his game guest-hosting “Jeopardy!” thanks to a bunch of well-placed sticky notes.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback this week shared photographs on Instagram of his lectern on the set of the game show, covered in reminders to relax, stand up straight, slow down while reading the clues and speak less.

But one of the notes stood out:

“Don’t pick your nose/butt.”

Rodgers said it was “just to check if anyone was looking at my podium between games.” And it turned out, he said, that “John the stage manager was, and we had a good laugh about it.”

Check out the notes here:

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