'Ace Of Cakes' Star Duff Goldman's #1 Question To Ask When Shopping For A Wedding Cake

'Ace Of Cakes' Star's #1 Question To Ask When Shopping For A Wedding Cake

For those looking to ensure that their wedding cake tastes as good as it looks, "Ace Of Cakes" star Duff Goldman has some words of advice.

"You'll see a pretty cake and you'll take a bite of it and it's dry and gross -- that's because most cake places, places that do wedding cakes, they don't bake cake," he told HuffPost Live in an interview on Tuesday.

The shops often outsource their cake from large bakeries, which is why they usually offer limited flavors.

"We have like 40 or 50 -- I think 60 -- flavors, and we bake everything in house," Goldman said, referring to his cake baking operation, Charm City Cakes, out of Baltimore, MD. "We're really careful to make sure the cakes taste good."

So when shopping around for a wedding cake, it's important to ask if the bakery bakes their own cakes.

"It's a really important question to ask because if you're making the cake yourself, you know exactly what you're putting into it and you have a little bit more control... But if you're taking a delivery once a month and putting all those cakes in the freezer, then you really don't have too much control over the flavors of those cakes," he said.

A way to guarantee the cakes stay moist is to use fondant, he said -- but that doesn't mean you have to forego buttercream.

"All fondant cakes are buttercream cakes, they're just buttercream cakes that have rolled fondant put on top of them. You can peel the fondant off -- you don't have to eat it."

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