Hint: yes.

Every so often in life, we get hit with important questions. Who is going to win the 2016 election? What are we going to do about climate change? Does this cat, posted on Twitter by XO Vain editor Marci Robin and driving the Internet wild, look like "Girls" and "Star Wars" star Adam Driver?

Let's discuss.

Here's Adam Driver:

Jeff Spicer via Getty Images

Here's Adam Driver cat:

Fortunately, unlike some of the questions listed above, we think this one has a simple answer: Yes. This cat, with its prominent nose and big quirky ears, looks exactly like Adam Driver.

So, do you agree? Does this cat look like Adam Driver?

UPDATE: This post has been updated to include the original tweet and photo, posted by Marci Robin. The original poster was previously misidentified as Reddit user KalKyl.

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