Sudeikis quipped about the comedy show being pumped up by cocaine, adrenaline, Starbucks, Adderall and fear over the years.
But as for QAnon, Satan warned: “Don’t drag my good name into your sick fantasies."
“I’m you from eight years ago, man, the ghost of Biden past. ... Where I’m from, we’re still VP. Easiest gig in the world," Sudeikis told the current Biden, James Austin Johnson.
“F**k a breakup you ever chased your dog and they think it’s a game?!?! 😭😭😭😭"
Musk goaded his foes ahead of his "SNL" hosting gig.
"Love when cats are chatty. like hell yeah mew mew dude what else you got to say."
America "definitely has a split personality," Meyers said, but he's devised a way to dodge one of them.