"Do you talk to your cat before leaving the house and inform them how long you will be away or are you normal?"
"Let's see how the after-party goes," she told Punkie Johnson.
It's all "for fun," says wine-guzzling judge Cecily Strong, channeling Jeanine Pirro.
“dog at the vet named ‘pecan shortie’ is one of the largest rottweilers i’ve ever seen”
The crew went back to the Middle Ages, where Alito drew his inspiration for his draft opinion gutting Roe v. Wade.
"'Your cat would eat your body if you died' hell yeah get your vitamins and nutrients little buddy I’m not mad at you."
"Look I never said I was smart but I just picked up my phone absentmindedly, fully intending to text my dog."
And former President Donald Trump goofs up the the name of his own social media operation.
"there is no such thing as a domesticated cat. what we have done to dogs is impressive and obvious. what we have done to cats, so far as i can tell, is nothing"