Agent Provocateur 'The Muse' Video: Does This Rub You The Wrong Way? (VIDEO, POLL)

Agent Provocateur is at it again. After the lingerie brand caught our attention with its "The Initiate" video (which was totally menage a trois-tastic), Agent Provocateur has released a second Jordan Scott-directed vid to promote its Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Despite the overt sex appeal of "The Initiate," which involved two guys and a girl rolling around in satin sheets, we actually liked it -- at least you could clearly see the product (those purple bras were super pretty) and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

But "The Muse," the newly released video, is kind of rubbing us the wrong way. There's something about the way the male artist ogles the female model as she just sits there, motionless and helpless... hegemonic male gaze, anyone?

(Also: we're not getting a sense of the product at all. Besides the white bra, what else is there? Are those linen garments, seemingly from the Renaissance era, actually for sale? And what's the deal with the ribbed knee-high socks?)

Check out the latest ad and tell us: do you find this ad sexy or just a bit perturbing?