Aidy Bryant Reveals Why She Couldn't Stop Laughing During 'SNL' Wardrobe Blunder

The "Shrill" star explained to Jimmy Fallon that there was something very funny happening that viewers at home couldn’t see.

Leave it up to a “Saturday Night Live” cast member to add a new level of hilarity to an already funny situation.

On Wednesday, Aidy Bryant went on “The Tonight Show” to promote the second season of her Hulu series, “Shrill.” But host Jimmy Fallon couldn’t help but bring up her other gig — being a cast member on “SNL” — and how she recently had a very funny wardrobe hiccup live on-air.

In September, during the first episode of the season, Bryant broke character and couldn’t stop laughing when her dresser, a woman named Audrey, walked on set at the wrong time to change her costume.

“I was looking in the monitor, being like, ‘That’s Audrey! Audrey’s on camera!’ but I could also feel her there, and someone yelled ‘No!’” Bryant told Fallon of the situation, noting that breaks “scare” her and this one was probably the worst of her “lifetime.”

“It cut back to me and I knew that I had the most straightest, most serious line,” she continued, “and I was like, ‘Cool, I have to get through this serious-ass line’ knowing my dresser, Audrey, was just onstage.”

Bryant added that the line was one that she struggled with in rehearsal, and her castmates Cecily Strong and and Kenan Thompson, who were sitting on both sides of her but were not on camera, knew it. And is seems that Strong had a whole lot of fun with that knowledge in mind.

“Cecily knew she wasn’t on camera and was fully looking at me and was like, ‘HA HA!’”

So, there you have it. “SNL” cast members rib on everyone — even each other.