cecily strong

The potentially departing star delivered a show-stopping performance that left Colin Jost drenched in wine.
Chris Rock, the host for the season premiere, recalled in a cameo that Donald Trump vowed COVID-19 would disappear and then got it the week the comedian was on the show.
Jonas performed two singles from his about-to-be-released solo album in his debut as host — and musical guest.
Prisons have what white supremacists like, explains Cecily Strong's character: "other white supremacists, drama and chicken fingers."
Bad news is on the rise in the cold open with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, GameStop, O.J. Simpson getting a vaccine and wacky social media moguls.
"We wouldn't still be here if it weren't for Trump," said COVID-19 "dad" Beck Bennett in the dicey sketch.
"Tipsy" Cecily Strong nailed Carone, who turned out to be a comedian in her own right when she testified in Michigan earlier this week.
Cast members dream of their special times in the city before COVID-19.