cecily strong

Cast members dream of their special times in the city before COVID-19.
Would a little buzz really be so bad, wonders Cecily Strong.
If you do go out and the "tip of your AK-47 touches the tip of your buddy's AK," you're not properly socially distancing, she warns on "Saturday Night Live."
And Rachel Dratch's Debbie Downer piles on the bad news about COVID-19 in a gas mask at a wedding reception.
Wacky Broadway homage with "Saturday Night Life" crew, John Mulaney and David Byrne skewers New York airport.
“Ok, I’m guilty, but it ain’t no thang," Baldwin's Trump admits.
Adam Driver plays Jeffrey Epstein, who's "just hangin'" down there and delighted to see his lawyer.
The "Shrill" star explained to Jimmy Fallon that there was something very funny happening that viewers at home couldn’t see.
The singer played a rogue social media manager with a thing for graphic Instagram comments.
The military operation wasn't so very scary because there were no vacuum cleaners, Conan the K-9 commando explained in a translation from Cecily Strong.