Amanda Bynes Claims NYPD Were Not At Her House, Despite Twitter Rumors (TWEETS, UPDATE)

Amanda Bynes has been spiraling out control for some time now. In the past few days alone, she's used Twitter -- her medium of choice to communicate any and all thoughts to the world -- to post suggestive photos of herself. In the first series, she wore a lacy bra and mentioned her weight loss concerns. Yesterday, she took it all off and posted topless photos, in which her breasts are covered by her hands and long hair.

This got some people very concerned.

Jonathan Jaxson, who according to Cambio is Bynes' ex-publicist despite no such mention on his company's website, tweeted at 11:14 PM:

Jenny McCarthy, who happened to see Jaxson's tweet, then tweeted to her over 800,000 followers:

Jaxson proceeded to write several more concerned posts he has since taken down, among them "I hope she gets the help she desperately needs" and "Thanks to the NYPD and all who helped me." Despite the apparent good deed, the public way in which Jaxson, a publicist, chose to get Bynes help didn't go unnoticed.

Following the backlash, Jaxson tweeted late at night:

This morning, he explained:

Neither Amanda Bynes nor Jenny McCarthy's reps responded to HuffPost's request for comment, but the troubled 27-year-old did tweet her response to the rumors Thursday morning:

We will keep tabs on this story as it unfolds.

UPDATE: Jenny McCarthy apologized to Amanda Bynes and Bynes took back all the mean things she said.



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