Andy Dick, Drunk, Sobs At LA Bar & Hitchhikes Home

Tuesday night was a rager for drunken mayhem aficionado, Andy Dick. After getting in an argument at Sunset Strip's Rainbow Bar & Grill, the troubled comedian walked across the street to Rock & Reilly's, where tourists bought him a round of shots, the New York Post reports.

Next, a source told the Post, "After some liquid courage, Andy made his way over to a female bar patron, but you could notice his mood suddenly change after an exchange, and soon he was seen sobbing into her arms." And, although he rallied 'til 2am at the bar, he hitchhiked home on Sunset Boulevard.

What brought Dick to tears? Perhaps it was the latest in his ongoing series of drunken, law-breaking incidents. Last week, a tourist filed a battery report alleging that the "Less Than Perfect" star grabbed him by the collar after he tried to snap a picture of Dick.

This wasn't the first time Dick's been accused of crossing personal boundaries, Reuters reports. In 2008, he was arrested after allegedly pulling down a 17-year-old's bra and tanktop, exposing her breasts. In 2010, he was arrested for allegedly groping two men's genitals.

Clearly, Dick's drug and alcohol rehabilitation with Dr. Drew Pinsky and sober living on VH1 show "Sober House" didn't stick. Dick has tried sobriety over and over; according to VH1, the actor had been to rehab ten times before going on "Sober House" in 2009.