Los Angeles

Despite silent streets and nearly nonexistent traffic, vehicle larcenies shot up 63% in New York and nearly 17% in Los Angeles from Jan. 1 through mid-May.
Workers in Chicago and L.A. claim the fast-food giant didn’t provide adequate protection and workers weren’t told when staff tested positive for COVID-19.
The actor was known for his obsequious catch phrase, "That's a lovely dress you're wearing, Mrs. Cleaver."
All 11 firefighters are expected to survive their injuries. Three, however, were listed as being in critical condition on Saturday night; two of them on ventilators.
The accidental disclosure could revive questions about potential Saudi links to the 9/11 plot
The nation's second-largest city will provide free COVID-19 testing to all 10 million residents of Los Angeles County, including those who don't appear to be sick.
For students who don’t have health insurance or live with medically vulnerable family members, the decision is agonizing.
Giving taxpayer money to a $4.4 billion franchise doesn't seem like aid to a small business.
"Wondering how quarantine is going?" the player's wife asked facetiously.
The "Shameless" star goes full blonde bombshell in the first look at the upcoming Peacock miniseries.