Los Angeles

"It happened by accident, and when it did, I was like, OK, wow, this is what I am meant to do," said Corie Mattie of her optimism-spreading work.
"It's just one of those funky plays that I don't think is gonna happen again this year," Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said.
Investigators are citing privacy concerns, a claim that one legal expert said didn't make sense.
Hundreds of people showed up in solidarity with the tent community organized in the Los Angeles park.
The driver of the vehicle appeared to run a red light while shouting racial epithets.
Lakers Governor Jeanie Buss praised Baylor as “THE superstar of his era,” adding that his many accolades speak to that.
The Lakers superstar was knocked in a foul, and fell, screaming, clutching his ankle.
The alleged victim, identified only as 24-year-old Effie, said the "Social Network" star "abused me mentally, emotionally and sexually" during their relationship.
Legal filings posted on her Instagram account contain disturbing allegations about how those deputies obtained and shared images from the crash site.
"I can't believe a guy that is always wearing a Yankees hat would become a part owner of the Boston Red Sox," one person wrote on Twitter.