Los Angeles

The former first kids were in high spirits at the airport but weren't down to answer what summer fruit they preferred.
California's water usage jumped nearly 19% in March.
Isaiah Lee, 23, is charged with four misdemeanors including battery and possessing a deadly weapon with intent to assault.
Video shows Dave Chappelle being tackled on stage while performing in Los Angeles.
The comedian's representative noted he "went on with the show."
Authorities opened an investigation into Mark B. Allen Mortuary and Cremations Services Inc. after receiving complaints from families.
Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer has been suspended for two full seasons without pay.
The Rams' Super Bowl-winning coach appeared to get surprisingly shady toward the venerable New England Patriots leader.
Respectability politics and white America helped sideline some of the most insightful humor of the '90s — when we needed it the most.
Monique Muñoz's family had accused an insurance company of bias when it calculated the amount of money to be awarded in their wrongful-death claim.