Los Angeles

The "Mad About You" star's vehicle was struck at an intersection.
The ShakeAlert system, the first of its kind in the nation, will give early warnings to residents about to feel strong quakes.
The Los Angeles Lakers forward chastised the Houston Rockets general manager and his comments supporting pro-democracy Hong Kong protesters.
More than 30 structures have been damaged by the blaze near Los Angeles.
Twitter users mock the team's ex-MVP for signing with the Phillies, only to miss out on the postseason fun.
Nostalgia is forever, but this whimsical wonderland is only available through Oct. 27.
In a class-action lawsuit, the women say the now-closed school “duped” young actors into serving Franco's “financial and exploitative desires.”
The force's recruitment account on Twitter said ads purchased on Google had "ended up on sites that do not reflect the City’s values.”
The president said homeless people in California were ruining the "prestige" of Los Angeles and San Francisco.
The famed thoroughbred California racetrack has come under intense scrutiny in recent months for the rash of horse deaths.
The president, who seemed unconcerned about homeless people themselves, said “we’ll be doing something about it."
The man was tackled by security guards after nearing Nneka and Chiney Ogwumike.
White House officials toured skid row in Los Angeles this week on a fact-finding mission to explore options for addressing the growing crisis.
Officials have reportedly discussed clearing out encampments and moving homeless people into government-run facilities, according to one report.
Kimesha Williams, 35, has been charged with murder and robbery in the death of the woman at a California casino.
Glen and Dana Fritzler of Truth Aquatics are basing their case on the law used by the company that operated the Titanic.
The NBA guard playfully hinted that the timing might not be a coincidence.
The actor stopped by the rapper's religious gathering in Los Angeles over Labor Day weekend.