Los Angeles

With the death rate more than double that of pre-pandemic years, the number of bodies needing storage has caused a threat to public health.
The 55-year-old music mogul was hospitalized for almost two weeks in Los Angeles after reportedly suffering a brain aneurysm.
The Lakers star got inspired in the moment by a teammate's bet.
The Hall of Fame manager guided the team to two World Series titles.
The 87-year-old talk show host also has preexisting health conditions.
One Los Angeles funeral home is averaging about 30 body removals a day — six times its normal rate.
“We’re exhausted and it’s the calm before the storm,” a nurse said of the state's ongoing surge of cases that have pushed nurses and doctors to the breaking point.
With 10,000 deaths, the county is running out of both oxygen for critically ill patients and room at its morgues.
The assistant coach made history leading the San Antonio Spurs after its longtime head coach Gregg Popovich was ejected.
California and Colorado have found a new strain of the virus that was first confirmed in the U.K. as Los Angeles County records more than 10,000 deaths.