Antoine Dodson Asks For Donations, Wants 'Out Of The Projects'

Antoine Dodson, the man from Huntsville, Al., who became an Internet sensation last week after a local news report on his family was posted on YouTube, is asking for donations through his official website.

The video features an agitated Dodson declaring on a TV news camera that the man who attempted to rape his sister would be caught. The segment became wildly popular, largely due to Dodson's eccentric personality. Within days, Dodson created a Twitter account, a personal website and a YouTube account.

The website contains his videos, notes from Dodson and, on the right column, a "Donate" button for anyone who wants to "help out" the family. The link leads to a PayPal account that reads: "Help the Dodson family."

"Official merchandise" is also available through Dodson's Zazzle store. The merchandise contains some of Dodson's popular catch-phrases: "We Got Yo T-Shirt" and "Run And Tell Dat." The following phrase is at the top of the Zazzle page: "The profits from this store will go to helping Antoine's family get out of the projects."

No clue who Antoine Dodson is? Watch the original report: