Apple Censorship: From The 'Kama Sutra' To 'Ulysses,' 9 Books And Book Apps Apple Has Censored Or Rejected (PHOTOS)

As Apple has gotten the chance to control more and more content with its ever-expanding app store the popular company has shown itself to be somewhat tyrannical and more than a little prudish when it comes to censorship. Books and book apps have gotten caught up in the storm of arbitrary rejections and strange censorship as Apple decides which make the cut into the apparently exclusive app store and iBookstore. Though the reasons for the censorship vary -- from gay themes to "objectionable" language -- the majority of these books and book apps have one thing in common: Apple reversed the censorship after being publicly derided across the Internet for their decision.

How many more book apps (that aren't porn) are being censored by Apple that we don't know about? Let us hear from you.

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