Press Freedom

One of the central questions during oral arguments was how the new laws could go beyond social media and even possibly influence private communication.
The argument made by a Big Tech lobbying group to strike down the laws could make it impossible to regulate social media, AI, tech companies and digital privacy.
"A crime is being committed," an activist reportedly with Moms for Liberty told a sheriff's deputy while likening the young adult novel to "child pornography."
At least 12 journalists were killed in the past eight days while covering the ongoing conflict, bringing the total to 36 media worker deaths since Oct. 7.
The former president warned that the censorship is antithetical to First Amendment freedoms and thanked librarians working "on the front lines."
The journalist was fatally shot in the West Bank. Her family and press freedom advocates say neither the U.S. nor Israel have done enough to seek justice.
McCurtain County Commissioner Mark Jennings was caught on tape discussing killing reporters and lynching Black people.
Jailed American journalist Evan Gershkovich appeared in a Moscow court to appeal his detention on spying charges.
Fact-checker Daniel Dale said the Georgia lawmaker's spokesperson told him to "f**k off" when reached for comment.
Spectrum News reporter Dylan Lyons was shot to death while covering another shooting.