Atlanta Hair Stylist Makes A Serious Case For Protecting Edges

A reminder that hair loss is no trivial matter.

An Atlanta-based hair stylist wants to shine a light on a very serious matter, edges.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to protect their hair's edges. This is why Jasmine Collins, owner of Razor Chic of Atlanta Salon, posts videos on Facebook and Instagram to help inform her clients and other women on how they can care for their edges and prevent, or reverse, hair loss.

One video Collins posted on Facebook May 26, which has since garnered more than 3 million views, shows one of her clients who suffered from "severe hair loss due to braids, sew-ins, quick weaves." She wrote that she posted the video of the 23-year-old's hair to spread awareness about how harsh weaves can be if women don't give their hair time to breathe after wearing the style. 

"Again let me say that I'm not anti-weave [you] just cannot live by it on a everyday basis," she wrote in the caption of the video. "I tell people all the time clients are chasing styles and stylist[s] are chasing the dollar and ain't nobody listening to the hair. This has to stop🚨!!!!"

Watch the informative and eye-opening video of one of Collins' clients below.

Fortunately, Collins was able to slay the young woman's hair into shape without using a single track.

The beautician's videos are informative and necessary, especially given black women's complicated relationship with their hair that often stems from racist and sexist ideologies. Collins even hosts classes where she instructs women how to properly care for their tresses.  

So, no, you don't have to completely abandon your bundles to keep your edges in tact. But save yourself some hair woes and potential hair loss by keeping everything healthy, moisturized and in moderation.



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