Aurora Borealis Makes For The Best In-Flight Entertainment Ever

WATCH: Best In-Flight Entertainment. Ever.

In-flight entertainment has nothing on Mother Nature.

Photographer Paul Williams captured this stunning scene of the northern lights while aboard a flight from London to New York last month and later uploaded a time-lapse of the phenomenon to YouTube.

"I balanced my camera on a rucksack and left it snapping away out the window ... what an amazing spectacle was to be seen!" Williams notes in his video description.

He's also uploaded photos of the aurora borealis as seen from the plane to Flickr in a gallery fittingly titled, "In-Flight Movie."

Most of the other passengers slept through the show, tweeted Williams, who added that his camera lens -- a 24mm f1.4 -- picked up more light than was visible to the naked eye.

We're just sorry they missed it.

Watch the aurora borealis, as seen from a plane window, above.

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