Australian Prime Minister Greets Korean Voter With 'Ni Hao'

The woman was quick to correct PM Scott Morrison.


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently chatted with constituents ahead of the country’s upcoming election in May. Morrison, who’s seeking reelection, greeted a Korean voter with “Ni Hao,” or “hello” in Mandarin. 

The constituent was quick to correct him, telling Morrison, “No, no, I’m Korean.”

The moment was pretty *cringe*.

Needless to say, Asians on the internet weren’t exactly pleased with Morrison’s mixup. And some pointed out that Morrison should’ve greeted the woman as he did every other Australian. 

Morrison has since attempted to make light of the flub, telling the crowd at Chinese Australian Liberal candidate Gladys Liu, that he’s “no Asian languages expert, so I’m gonna say g’day to everybody.” 

For the record, “hello” in Korean is “annyeong haseyo.”