This Clumsy Bank Robber Can't Keep His Fake Beard On His Face

He's no master of disguise.

Robbing a bank is hard enough without having to deal with a fake beard continuously falling off during the hold-up.

That's the dilemma that this master of disguise faced while robbing a SunTrust bank in Rockville, Virginia on June 2.

The unidentified suspect walked into the bank just before noon wearing a hoodie and an obviously fake beard, according to a release from the Montgomery County Police Department.

Police said the suspect walked up to a teller and passed a note that threatened harm if the teller did not do what he said.

The note also implied the suspect was carrying an explosive device that would detonate if he did not receive any money.  

Although the beard was supposed to hide the identity of the robber from prying eyes and security cameras, it didn't. It kept slipping off making it slightly easier to see his face, especially in GIF mode.

Despite the botched beard, the bank robber did manage to leave with an undisclosed amount of cash and is still on the loose.

Anyone with information with information is asked to call (240) 773-5070.