Gorgeous Ways To Keep Your Toiletries From Becoming An Eyesore In Your Bathroom

The bathroom is about to become your new favorite room -- especially for the beauty product junkies out there.

Often times, cosmetic products pile up and look messy. The items always fit in the medicine cabinet, they spill out of vanities and they create clutter in the shower. Let's not forget about small bathrooms, too, where finding space for your own body is already hard enough.

Instead of throwing out valuable beauty goods (or if you're like us, hoarding them in every corner of your room), try using pretty containers as decoration. Why have a plant on the windowsill when you can have a lovely display of face creams, or adorn the toilet tank cover with a nice arrangement of skincare products.

Take a look at the Pins below and get inspired to give your bathroom one of the easiest makeovers ever.

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