Batmobile-Like FFZero1 Electric Supercar Could Be Coming Sooner Than You Think

If you thought the Batmobile was a nifty looking car, and if you are eco-minded and deep-pocketed, possessing a love of all things that go vroom, then the secretive carmaker, Faraday Future, has just what your lead foot has been craving: an electric supercar that looks every inch as cool as it does Batmobile-esque, with enough horses under the hood to take the cows to pasture and best nearly any other car, Fast and Furious style.

Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, this car is as fast as it is slick-looking. One glance tells us that while it's not a scale replica of the Batmobile, it damn near looks like one.

Now this is not the first time that we've reported about a Batmobile clone. The last time it was about a custom reworked C7 Corvette that looks pretty damn cool. But this time, the car fits the modus operandi for one caped crusader's personal vehicle a lot more.

Dubbed the FFZero1, it's a trim and sleek, curvy and all-electric supercar that offers seating for one. While the company has admitted they went a little bit over the top with the concept design, they did say that the production line version will be a tad more practical. They also said that it will turn out over 1,000 horsepower, when properly equipped, which will effectively make it one of the fastest electric cars to ever grace the streets.

The car is being designed to house multiple battery packs using a flexible chassis. It can be modified to house between one and four battery packs, which determine both the speed and distance that can be traveled. The carmaker also said that they will be releasing both two and all-wheel-drive versions.

There's no word on cost yet, but an easy guess is: pricey.

"You don't have to sacrifice anything for being sustainable," said Richard Kim, head of design for Faraday Future. "This is a 100% sustainable, electric, non-polluting vehicle, and it can be as dynamic as 1,000 horsepower."

Prior to his stint at Faraday Future, Kim was on the BWM design team, where he helped create the popular i3 and i8 plug-in electric cars.

The carmaker has also stated that they are working on a self-driving line of cars, too.

Move aside Google.

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