Bearded Man Says He Probably Won't Chug An Entire Bottle Of Jack Ever Again

Do Not Try This At Home. Seriously.

We don't support this. In fact, we think it's insane.

This is Will Williams. He's from Wales, and he gets wild, sometimes. Recently, he opened and drank an entire 70 cl (that's about 24 oz.) bottle of Jack Daniel's on camera, in 13 seconds.

He did not immediately vomit violently, or die. Health experts told the Metro that if the stunt wasn't faked, it's somewhat of a miracle that he wasn't killed.

"We need to remember that alcohol is a poison and can have extremely serious and immediate effects if consumed in a large amount at once," Jackie Ballard, chief executive at Alcohol Concern, told the website.

Williams told Wales Online that he didn't down the bottle on a dare, and he does not recommend attempting the stunt, which people have called "just idiotic."

"It’s not something I would do again and I wouldn’t want anyone to copy me. I was very lucky," Williams said.

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