Beer Bacon Is Sweet And Sugary (PHOTO)

Made with a simple glaze made from beer and brown sugar.

We can't imagine why anyone would tire of ordinary bacon, with its rich flavor and crispy texture. Still, if you find yourself in that unfortunate situation, we've found a delicious alternative: beer-candied bacon.

We've already uncovered bacon-flavored candy, which apparently tastes like breakfast on a stick, and a recipe for adorable candy that looks like bacon. But what about actual bacon that tastes like candy?

Beer-candied bacon is made by creating a simple glaze made from beer and brown sugar, which is used to coat the bacon before baking it in the oven. It's as easy as that!

For further bacon-baking instructions and some tips on what type of beer to use, check out Tide & Thyme's beer-candied bacon recipe.


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