What You Didn't Know About Beer (INFOGRAPHIC)

The oldest written recipes are 5,000 years old, and they're for making beer.

Beer is often considered a man's drink (less so now, but still to some degree.) Typically, women have historically ordered wine and men ordered beer. But beer was much more of a woman's beverage back in the day -- and children had their fill of it too.

While today you'd be hard-pressed to find a female-run brewery, the first professional brewers were all women known as brewsters. In ancient Peru, brewing beer was a task reserved solely for women of the noble class. And that's not all, in 19th century Munich new mothers downed up to seven pints of beer a day believing it was required for breastfeeding.

There's a long history linking woman to beer, and to humans in general. Check out the facts below, put together by the good folks at WearYourBeer. Some of them will pleasantly surprise you, like the claim that beer will make you smarter -- we didn't need a reason to drink a beer, but we sure are happy to have one.

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