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Molson Coors Launches 'Animee,' Beer For Women

Molson Coors is launching Animee, a beer targeted at women, in the UK in early fall. Animee will come in three varieties—clear filtered, crisp rose and zesty lemon—and is less gassy and lighter-tasting than most beers.

By surveying 35,000 people, Molson Coors found that 79 percent of women rarely or never drink beer. Additionally, the company found that only 17 percent of British women drink beer, compared to 25 percent of American females.

Animee joins the ranks of other women-courting alcoholic beverages such as Copenhagen, Carlsberg's version of a women-friendly brew and Essentia Vitae, wine that looks like perfume, which also has a rose variety.

Rose-flavored beer very much conjures up images of drinking hoppy potpourri to us. Beyond the taste, Melissa Cole in The Guardian points out that perhaps so few women drink beer because the beer industry has "been disenfranchising women from the beer market for the past 40 years and are now clumsily trying to entice them back."

According to Molson Coors, Animee "aims to dispel the perception among women that all beers look and taste the same and that there is nothing to tell them apart."

Clumsy enticement, indeed.

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