'Behind Photographs' By Tim Mantoani: Famous Photographers Hold Their Famous Photographs (PHOTOS)

Here's a foolproof way to sell a book of photographs: reconceptualize the best ones in the world. That's what photographer Tim Mantoani has done with his new book "Behind Photographs," a compilation of famous photographers holding their famous works. Mantoani, a San Diego-based commercial advertising photographer, came up with the clever concept as a way to pay homage to his distinguished, often hidden, colleagues. The project wasn't cheap -- Montoani used a rare, enormous type of Polaroid at $200 a portrait, hoping to preserve an endangered technology and entice his savvy subjects to sign on with one stone. Click through our slideshow below for a selection of some of the book's best gets -- including iconic snaps of the Vietnam War, Birmingham, Ala., and the green-eyed Afghan girl, with their documenters.