Ben Stiller Reading Trump's 'Stable Genius' Tweets As Zoolander Is Like Ridiculously Funny

Trump actually appeared in the first "Zoolander" movie.

Actor Ben Stiller channeled one of his most absurd characters to poke fun at President Donald Trump.

After Trump branded himself a “very stable genius” in a series of tweets defending his mental fitness on Saturday, the Hollywood actor couldn’t resist reading the posts aloud in the style of airhead male model Derek Zoolander.

The resulting audio is really, really, ridiculously funny.

Stiller recorded the clip for The Daily Beast and admitted one qualm: “I wish he (Trump) had said ’like, really, really smart,” he said.

Trump has not commented on the spoof, but don’t be surprised if he engages in a Mugatu-style meltdown. After all, Trump had a cameo in the first “Zoolander” movie in 2001.

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