The Best Chocolate Sandwich Cookies: Oreos vs. The Knockoffs

Taste Test Battle: Oreos vs. The Knockoffs

Since Oreo's inception in 1912, it's been the best-selling cookie in the U.S. right up through the 21st century. This comes despite the fact that Oreos were actually a knockoff of Hydrox, the first chocolate sandwich cookie, which was created in 1908. Hydrox ended up falling by the wayside after earning an unfortunately false billing as Oreo's copycat -- score one for Oreo. Oreo has so strongly dominated the market that we now call any old brand of chocolate sandwich cookie an "Oreo." But, as usual, that prompts us to ask the question: Are Oreos really the best chocolate sandwich cookie out there?

The equation seems pretty simple: Stick some cream filling in between two crunchy chocolate cookies, and the classic cookie is complete. But there's more to it than that. The texture and amount of filling has to be just right -- not too sweet, too tangy, too sticky, too greasy, too much or too little. The same goes for the cookie -- it can't be bitter, bland or stale.

We put 8 brands of chocolate sandwich cookies to the test to see which ones our panel of testers liked the best. To make the test completely blind, we broke the cookies into pieces so the tasters weren't easily able to read the brand-name labeling on the top of each cookie. Though we didn't necessarily fall in love with any of the cookies, there was a clear winner.

Which cookies came out on top? Click through the slideshow below to find out.

As always, our taste test is no way involved with or sponsored by the brands included.

#1: Oreo

Oreo Taste Test

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