Best TED Talks: 21 Amazing, Inspiring Presentations (VIDEOS)

This year's Technology, Entertainment and Design conference (TED2012) is underway at California's Long Beach Performing Arts Center. Presented by the non-profit Sapling Foundation, the annual event is committed to creating a global conversation around "ideas worth spreading."

TED2012 began on February 27 and runs until March 2. It will showcases cutting-edge thinkers in the disciplines of science, art, performance and, of course, tech. This year they're really pulling out all the stops to present some of the most interesting, entertaining and visually appealing talks yet. In honor of this year's TED talks, we've compiled some of the best from the past several years -- plus one that takes place in the future.

Check out our slideshow below, featuring humorous tech art installations, cars blind people can drive, advanced exoskeletons and much more. Vote for the ones you find most inspiring, and be sure to check back for all of our TED2012 coverage as the conference unfolds.

The Best Of TED Talks On Tech UPDATED
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