How To Get An 86 Percent Bigger Chipotle Burrito For Free

You'll need a stroller to carry it home.

Sadly, Chipotle's chips and guac will probably never be free. But Apartment List's Dylan Grosz says a super-sized, overstuffed mega burrito can be yours for the cost of a standard order if you follow his 6 genius hacks. The prospect is thrilling, to say the very least.

Bigger is better -- especially when it comes to Mexican food -- and Grosz says his tips allow patrons to upsize their Chipotle burritos by 86 percent.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom associated with ordering a burrito, Grosz suggests ordering a burrito bowl. By his calculations, the bowl comes with 15 percent more ingredients in total. Just ask for two tortillas on the side, and you're on your way to maximizing. Sure, you'll have the wrap the thing by yourself, but you'll get more bang for your buck and master the art of a tight roll.

Another way to make your order hefty is to go halfsies on everything. Grosz says ordering two half portions of a filling will yield more mass than asking for one full portion. For example, if you order half portions of two different meats, he says you'll get 54 percent more meat (though you may be charged a little extra for more expensive meat, he notes).

Grosz did more math than most people do when eating fast food to unearth the slickest, most resourceful secrets for getting a 31.7-ounce burrito for the cost of a 17-ounce burrito. Check out his four remaining supersized Chipotle tips at Apartment List.

American consumers enjoy few things more than outwitting corporations and getting free food, and Chipotle isn't the only place where a little smarts gets you a lot more. At Starbucks, for example, you can get a tastier, more powerful and less expensive cappuccino if you order a "short" size.

At McDonald's, you can get a Big Mac for the cost of a McDouble, an average savings of just over $3. Just order a McDouble and ask (nicely) for special sauce, lettuce and onion in lieu of pickles and ketchup, and you've got yourself a Poor Man's Big Mac. And finally, at Arby's, you'll save if you order two Junior Roast Beef Sandwiches instead of one Classic Roast Beef sandwich. Cool beans beef, right?

Here's to eating bigger, better and freer, America!

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